Lutron Caseta P-PKG1W-WH

In-Wall Dimmer Remote Kit

Lutron caseta p pkg1w wh unboxed in wall dimmer remote kit
  • Lutron caseta p pkg1w wh unboxed in wall dimmer remote kit
  • Lutron caseta p pkg1w wh in wall dimmer remote kit

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The Lutron In-Wall Dimmer Remote Kit is a solid option for a user looking to add a new Lutron Dimmer Switch to their existing Lutron setup. The kit provides an in-wall light dimmer, a Pico Remote and wall plate for mounting the dimmer switch. Buy a new Lutron Dimmer Switch from Alarm Grid.
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A homeowner looking to add a new Lutron In-Wall Dimmer Switch can't go wrong with the Lutron In-Wall Dimmer Remote Kit. The kit provides a single Lutron In-Wall Dimmer, a Pico Remote for wireless control and a wall plate. This is a great way to add wireless secondary control to an existing light.

The Lutron Caseta In-Wall Dimmer Switch allows a set of hardwired lights to integrate with a Lutron Smart Lighting System. The device replaces a standard light switch, and it supports up to to 150 watt dimmable LED and CFL bulbs or 600 watt incandescent and halogen bulbs. This dimmer does not require a neutral wire which means the install is essentially universal. Older homes generally do not have neutral connections behind their existing light switches. A dimmer like this can operate with only the line, load and ground connections! The included wall plate allows the switch to be cleanly mounted to the wall.

To get the most out of the Lutron dimmer, a user should also have a Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge. The smart bridge lets users operate their lights remotely (outside of the home) using the Lutron Mobile App or Apple HomeKit. It also allows the lights to be controlled using voice commands sent through Siri, Google Home and Amazon Alexa. We strongly advise any Lutron user to add a smart bridge so that they can get the most out of their Lutron setup. The bridge enables smart scenes so that the lights can activate based on a set schedule or upon the location of the user's smartphone with the geofencing feature.

Also included with the kit is a Pico Remote. The Pico Remote can control the light switch while the user is on-site. This is a simple handheld remote that provides basic functionality for controlling the lights. It is a good option if the user doesn't want to pull up the app or make a voice command. Please note that a Pico Remote can only be programmed to control only one light switch at any given time. There are pedestal mounts and a wallplate adapter if you prefer to install the Pico in a wallplate like a traditional 3-way layout.

Finally, the Honeywell Lyric Alarm System with firmware version 1.07 supports Apple HomeKit. By using the Lyric Controller with Lutron devices, a user can have their lights turn on and off automatically with certain system events. These events can include arming and disarming, activating sensors (e.g. motion sensors and door and window contacts) and alarm events.


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