Lutron Caseta P-BDG-PKG2W

Dual In-Wall Dimmer Starter Kit w/ Smart Bridge

Lutron caseta p bdg pkg2w dual in wall dimmer starter kit w slas
  • Lutron caseta p bdg pkg2w dual in wall dimmer starter kit w slas
  • Lutron caseta p bdg pkg2w boxed dual in wall dimmer starter kit

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The Lutron Caseta Double In-Wall Dimmer Starter Kit is the most complete Lutron kit we offer. In the kit, there is a smart bridge, two in-wall light dimmers, two pico remotes, two mounting wall plates, and two mounting pedestals. Get started with Lutron and the double in-wall dimmer kit.
  • Google Home
  • Apple HomeKit
  • Amazon Alexa
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The Lutron Dual In-Wall Dimmer Starter Kit provides users with the ultimate setup for getting started with a Lutron Caseta Smart Lighting System. The kit features a Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge, two in-wall dimmer switches, two Pico Remotes, two mounting wall plates and two mounting pedestals.

The setup is built around the Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge. This device allows the user to operate their integrated Lutron lighting devices remotely with the Lutron Mobile App or Apple HomeKit. Any command sent remotely will pass through the bridge before being forwarded to the actual device. The bridge also facilitates the use for voice commands sent through a smart assistant. Compatible smart assistants include Apple's Siri, Google Home and Amazon Alexa. After the smart assistant device sends the voice command to the bridge, the bridge will then pass the command onto the lighting device.

With the smart bridge, the user can also create smart scenes to make their lighting setup even more robust. Smart scenes let the user set a predetermined schedule for their lights and setup geofencing functionality. Additionally, the Honeywell Lyric Controller supports Apple HomeKit once firmware update 1.07 has been applied to the system. By using the Lyric Security System in conjunction with Lutron and Apple HomeKit, a user can have their Lutron devices activate with various security events. These events can include arming and disarming the Lyric Alarm Controller and activating security sensors.

The lights themselves are connected with the Lutron In-Wall Light Dimmer Switches that replace the user's existing light switches on the wall. Installation is made super easy, due to the fact that the Lutron Caseta dimmers do not require a neutral wire. They only need a line, load and ground. By using the switches in conjunction with the smart bridge, a user will have the capability for operating their lights remotely and with voice commands sent through a smart assistant. The light switches also have physical buttons for local control as well. And with the included wall plates, the light can be cleanly mounted to the wall.

Also included with the kit are two Pico Remotes. The Pico Remotes are used for controlling the lights wirelessly when within range of the dimmers (30 ft with walls, 60 ft open air), but doesn't necessarily feel like pulling up a mobile app or executing a voice command. With the push of a button, the user can turn their lights on and off or dim the lights to the desired level. Each Pico Remote can be individually programmed to control a specific light switch. The remotes can alternatively be used to operate a Lutron Lamp Dimmer Module, which is available for separate purchase. The included mounting pedestals make it easy for users to nicely display their Pico Remotes on a table. There is also a wallplate adapter that will house the picos in a traditional single gang box and operate more like a traditional 3-way switch. It has a quick release function allowing you to house it there but remove it for flexible control if needed.


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