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Wireless Glass Break Compatible w/ Qolsys IQ & IQ Panel 2

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Don’t purchase a glass break detector for every window in one area. The Qolsys IQ Glass listens for the sound of glass breaking within 25...

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Don’t purchase a glass break detector for every window in one area. The Qolsys IQ Glass listens for the sound of glass breaking within 25 feet.

If you’ve heard glass break before, you know it’s a sound unlike any other. The Qolsys IQ Glass continuously monitors for the unique sound of shattering glass whether you’re away or at home. This device can watch a whole room at once to keep you and your home safe.

Features and Benefits

Whether you set your security system to the “stay” or “away” mode, the Qolsys IQ Glass remains alert. It listens for the unique frequency that glass emits as it breaks. If the device detects that frequency, your alarm will sound. It will also alert your IQ Panel.

This unit can protect a whole room at once. In fact, it can monitor windows within a 25-foot sight line. Whether your area has one big window or many small ones, you can stay protected.

If your room has windows on one wall, you may want to install it on the opposite wall. If the area you wish to secure has windows on many sides, you can install the IQ Glass on the ceiling. It is customizable to your home and needs, which makes it ideal for a variety of areas in the home.

The IQ Glass comes with a CR123A 1550mAH battery for your use. It will send an alert when that battery gets low. Please replace it soon after receiving that warning so that you do not experience a lapse in protection.

The IQ Glass is a cost-effective way to detect shattering glass. Instead of installing a sensor on every window in your home, you can use this monitor to secure an entire room.

Installation of this device is as easy as choosing a location and mounting the hardware. The IQ Glass is compatible with all Qolsys control panels. Enrolling your new device in your IQ Panel is simple and only takes a few minutes. Add it to your system for more robust protection of your home.

Technical Specifications

Place the Qolsys IQ Glass no more than 25 feet away from any glass you wish to monitor. You should also mount it at least 3.3 feet from any windows or doors you want to protect and four feet from sources of other noise, such as a television.

Be sure to keep the area around this sensor at the right temperature. It should be between 14 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit, or -10 to 48 degrees Celsius. Keeping it in the right climate will help ensure proper operation.

When it’s time to replace the battery on your IQ Glass, you will need one 3V lithium CR123A battery. The unit is 4.25 x 3.13 x 1.70 inches in size. It’s modest size and style make it ideal for any home. This device operates on a 319.5MHz frequency and has a supervisory signal interval of 70 minutes.

Hardware Installation

The first step in installing your new Qolsys IQ Glass is to choose the best mounting position. First, be sure that the location is between 3.3 and 25 feet away from any windows or glass doors that you wish to protect. If you install the device too close or too far away, you may experience problems with operation.

Then, check to see that it is at least four feet from any source of significant noise. Keep in mind that the IQ Glass can operate on the ceiling or a wall. It is best to secure it to a wall across the room from windows. Once you have chosen a place, remove the face plate and battery tabs from the unit.

Use #4 or #6 screws to secure the device to the wall or ceiling in the spot you chose. Finally, replace the face plate. Now that you have installed the hardware, you can enroll the device to your IQ Panel.

Learn into Panel

First, consult your panel’s instructions and put the panel into “Auto Learn” mode. This action tells your panel to look for new devices in your area. Then, open and close the case on your new device. The IQ Glass will send a signal that the panel can read.

Go back to your panel to finish the enrollment process. Here, you can customize the name and change any settings for the device. Finally, press the “ADD” button. Your device is ready to go.

Outstanding Notes

Although Qolsys designed the IQ Glass to be easy to install and operate, problems can arise. If you have any difficulty with your device, contact tech support. You can send a detailed message to TechSupport@Qolsys.com, and the expert team will get back to you with a solution.

All radio and security products in the United States must abide by FCC rules. This device complies with FCC regulations, such as part 15. This rule specifies that the product must not cause harmful interference. However, the device may pick up some interference from other sources.

There are similar laws in Canada, which the Qolsys IQ Glass also abides. Please note that modifying this device in either country can void your license to use it. Only use this and any security device in the authorized ways.

Qolsys provides a two-year warranty on its products. If you experience difficulties with your sensor within two years of your purchase date, please notify Qolsys. Their team will help you with next steps. For reference, the product number for this device is QS-1410-P01.

The Qolsys IQ Glass is a great addition to your home’s security system. It works with your IQ Panel to secure your home against people who would do you harm. This device continuously monitors for the unique frequency that glass makes when it breaks.

If an intruder breaks glass in the protected area, you can know about it immediately. For the cost of only one sensor, you can monitor a whole room. Order yours today to make you home security system more robust without spending a fortune.


Yes, an audible glass break detector will still pick up the sound of glass breaking through curtains and/or blinds. It's recommended to test the sensor when you get it by using the FG701: https://www.alarmgrid.com/products/honeywell-fg701. This device simulates the sound of glass breaking, so when testing the sensor you'd hold this being your curtains. As for the second part of the question, this device will be installed mainly on walls or ceilings, as this picks up the sound of glass breaking and not the vibrations caused by the break. Hence no need to mount this on a window or glass door. There are shock sensors, which pick up the vibrations from a break, that can be installed onto glass if that's what you're more looking for.
Will this sensor detect glass breaking if the glass is behind a curtain and/or blinds? Can the sensor be placed directly on a door -- in this case, glass French Doors?
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