System Sensor 5622

Rate of Rise Wired Heat Detector Up to 194°F

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The System Sensor 5622 is a hardwired rate of rise and fixed temperature heat detector. The fixed temperature sensor activates at 194°F, making it best-suited for areas that already feature higher than average temperatures. Purchase the System Sensor 5622 Heat Sensor from Alarm Grid.
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The System Sensor 5622 Rate of Rise Wired Heat Detector is provides reliable fire detection for areas where installing a standard smoke detector is not appropriate. This device uses both rate of rise and fixed temperature sensing. The fixed temperature sensor activates at 194°F or higher.

With it's high fixed temperature activation, the System Sensor 5622 is best-suited for areas that are already extremely hot. It is great for kitchen, garage, bathrooms and attics where dust and/or high humidity might cause a false alarm on a standard smoke detector. The sensor also offers rate-of-rise detection and will respond to temperature increases of 15°F or higher in a single minute.

Mounting hardware for the System Sensor 5622 comes included. The device measures 4.57" in diameter, and it has a base height of 1.69". It weighs 6 ounces. The sensor can reliably monitor a 50-foot by 50-foot area with a 10-foot ceiling.

Brand: System Sensor

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The 5622 heat detector does not require AC power, it would damage the 5622. Would you mind emailing and detailing if your GC3 system is monitored currently or not, so we could help you further with the exact setup you'd need.
Along these same linee, suppose I am Installing 2 5600 series detectors in an attic and want to connect them to a 5817CBXT in order to relay an alarm back to a 2GIG GC3 system. How would the wiring go? Would I actually need to get a 5621 dual circuit sensor, take a 24VAC adapter, connect the power in a series on one circuit and then connect the second circuit to the 5817CBXT? How would the wiring and power work for the 5817CBXT if I was using a 5602 in a single circuit? Would the 5817CBXT just be at the end of the line, with the 24 VAC adapter being at the beginning? As I understand it, I would not be able to use the 5817CBXT if I tapped directly into a pure 120 VAC circuit, so I would need to use an adapter for the power, correct?
The devices we sell and support are all low voltage devices. As a rule, you don't want to mix low voltage and high voltage devices directly (so you wouldn't want a relay off a high voltage device tied into a low voltage device connected to a low voltage alarm system). It appears that device is made by Edwards Signaling, which is now owned by United Technologies. You may be able to find some more information on their <a href="">site</a>.
Hi Jonathan, I'm glad you were able to get this setup successfully. Stay safe!
Wonder if you can help me on this....Is your 5602 set up as a 125V AC unit? And what screws can I short on back to test it to turn on chime I have it attached to? I ask as I have an old, no longer made, 20 year old 282B-PL sensor someone put in. Not sure if it is running at 24 or 120 volts. I did not want to take it down from garage ceiling 10 foot. Might still be fine. It is connected to a nearby loud decibel alarm. Thanks in advance, Peter
Just wanted to comment that I have paired the 5602 194 FX/ROR heat detector (same as 5622, but single output) with the 5817CBXT successfully.
The only way I can think of to do it would be via a separate wireless transmitter. Unfortunately, the transmitter that's suitable for this is somewhat expensive: You would need to install the 5817CBXT in an area where the temperature won't reach above 122 degrees Fahrenheit, and then wire from the 5622 to the 5817CBXT. You must use this transmitter because the 5622 requires a Normally Open wired input, and when using a Normally Open input for a fire device, even if it is a heat detector, it should be supervised with an End of Line resistor. This transmitter checks all those boxes and is compatible with the Lyric system.
Is there a way to incorporate this sensor into a Lyric system? If so, how? I am planning a new system for a new construction and am looking for a 194-degree/rate-of-rise sensor to use in the attic. Trying to avoid a 135 degree wireless sensor, since I’m afraid on a super hot SC day...
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