System Sensor 5601P

135°F Fixed Temp / Rate of Rise Heat Detector

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The System Sensor 5601P is a wired heat detector that is used for both fixed temperature and rate of rise temperature detection. A standalone heat sensor like the 5601P is ideal for use in areas unsuitable for a photoelectric smoke detector due to false alarm concerns. Buy the 5601P here.
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The System Sensor 5601P is a wired single-circuit heat sensor with both fixed temperature and rate-of-rise heat detection. An alarm will occur on the system if the 5601 detects a temperature of 135℉ (57℃) or higher, or if the temperature rises 15℉ (~8.3℃) or more in a single minute.

Unlike smoke detectors, a heat sensor like the System Sensor 5601P is not considered to be a life-safety device. However, they are still used to alert users, both on-site and off-site, to a fire on the premises. You typically use heat sensors in areas where a smoke detector may cause a false alarm. Some examples of locations that are popular for heat sensors include garages, outbuildings, kitchens, and bathrooms. The use of a heat sensor in those locations will still let your system know if a fire occurs, but you won't have to be as concerned about a potential false alarm taking place.

One thing to consider about a heat sensor like the 5601P is that these devices do not draw power from the alarm panel. This differs from smoke detectors, which require power from the panel for basic operation. Instead, a heat sensor is just a basic mechanical device with a Normally Open (NO) circuit. Like any standalone heat sensor, you can use the 5601P at any wired system zone. In some cases, you might consider using the 5601P with a compatible wireless transmitter like the Honeywell 5817CBXT. That can be a way to interface the 5601P with a wireless system. Once the 5601P is connected, the NO circuit of the sensor will close if a temperature outside of the acceptable parameters is detected. This will complete the alarm circuit, and a fire alarm will occur on the system, provided that the associated zone was properly programmed.

Like any Normally Open (NO) device, the 5601P should be used with an end-of-line resistor (EOLR) for supervisory purposes. The required resistor value may differ between different alarm panels, so check the installation manual for your alarm panel to determine the optimal resistor value. For a NO device like the 5601P, the resistor should be wired in parallel at the last device in the circuit. You can use multiple 5601P devices all wired at the same system zone, and you only need a resistor at the last device in the line. Wiring in parallel means that the EOLR will connect across the wire terminals for the sensor. Alternatively, you can connect each 5601P Heat Sensor to its zone, but if you do that, then each sensor should have its own resistor wired in parallel.

The System Sensor 5601P has a non-restoring fixed temperature sensor that triggers at 135℉ (57℃), plus a restoring rate-of-rise (RoR) temperature sensor that triggers upon detecting a temperature increase of 15℉ (~8.3℃) or more in a single minute. If the RoR sensor is activated, then you can wait for the sensor to self-restore once the temperature returns to normal, and then re-use the sensor. However, if the fixed temperature sensor is triggered, then the sensor will not restore, and you must replace the entire 5601P device. When testing the sensor, make sure to only test the RoR function. Do not test the fixed temperature function, because activating that non-restoring sensor will mean that you have to replace the entire sensor. Be very careful when testing the sensor for that very reason. And remember to always put your system on test mode with the central station before testing a sensor that may trigger a fire alarm on your system. The installation instructions for the device provide more information on testing.

As a single-circuit device, the System Sensor 5601P does not have a second circuit for connecting to an auxiliary device. If you are looking for a similar device that offers dual (2) Normally Open (NO) circuits, then you might instead consider the System Sensor 5621. The 5621 and its dual circuits allow you to connect the sensor to both an alarm circuit and an auxiliary circuit. Another similar device to the System Sensor 5601P is the System Sensor 5602. The System Sensor 5601P and the System Sensor 5602 are both single circuit devices, with only one (1) Normally Open (NO) circuit apiece. The difference between the two is that he System Sensor 5601P has a lower fixed temperature activation threshold of 135℉ (57℃), while the System Sensor 5602 activates at 194℉ (90℃). Other heat detectors in the System Sensor 5600-Series include the System Sensor 5622, which offers both 194℉ (90℃) fixed temperature detection and rate-of-rise heat detection, and the System Sensor 5624, which also offers 194℉ (90℃) fixed temperature detection, but no rate-of-rise heat detection. Both the System Sensor 5622 and the System Sensor 5624 are dual-circuit devices. Of the System Sensor 5600-Series devices we offer, only the System Sensor 5601P and the System Sensor 5602 are single-circuit devices.


  • Sensor Type: Hardwired Heat
  • Number of Circuits: Single Normally Open (NO) Circuit
  • Fixed Temperature Threshold: 135℉ (57℃), Non-Restoring Single Use
  • Rate-of-Rise Threshold: 15℉ (~8.3℃) or Higher Rise Per Minute, Self-Restoring Multi-Use
  • UL Maximum Spacing (10-foot ceiling): 50' x 50' (15.2m x 15.2m)
  • Operating Voltage/Contact Ratings (Resistive): 6 - 125 VAC / 3A ; 6 - 28 VDC / 1A ; 125 VDC / 0.3A ; 250VDC / 0.1A
  • Maximum Installation Temperature: 150℉ (65.6℃)
  • Operating Humidity: 5 to 95% Relative Humidity Non-Condensing
  • Wire Gauge Supported by Terminals: 14 - 22 AWG
  • Back Box Mounting: 3.5" octagonal ; 4" octagonal ; Single Gang ; 4" square with a square to round plaster ring
  • Dimensions (w/Mounting Bracket): Diameter: 4.57" (11.6cm) ; Height: 1.69 inches (4.3cm)
  • Weight: 6 oz. (170g)
  • SKU: BK-5601P

Brand: System Sensor

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