David M. from Huntington, IN

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

How did your self-install go?

I installed the entire system within half of a day. Called Alarm Grid customer support and they walked me through all my questions and concerns. In addition, the youtube videos also provided me with great insurance that the products were easy to install before purchasing.

With all the options out there, what made you pick Alarm Grid?

No-contract monitoring and ability to customize your security system the way you wanted. I didn't want to be tied down to monthly payments just in case we ever wanted to turn off notifications we would at least own all the components. In addition, the components would still work if we decided to stop payments. The only difference is that we would not be notified through email or text but the alarm would still go off and should prevent anyone breaking in.

Does Alarm Grid's monitoring make you feel safer


It's nice knowing that even if you're not sure if you locked the door or not that you'd receive an alert that a door has been opened. In addition, when I'm away my wife and family feels much safer while at home.

How much money did you save by installing this system on your own?

Short term didn't save due to price of components, but after 2+ years will be saving about $20-40 a month. ADT has contracts with higher monthly fees which is also why we decided to go with Alarm Grid.

Which of Alarm Grid's online resources did you use?

The videos are very helpful and allowed me to feel comfortable purchasing the equipment knowing I can install the components myself as well as be able to ask for support if needed or if I ran into any issues.

Why would you recommend Alarm Grid to other DIYers?

I went with Alarm Grid because it uses the same components as ADT but there's no contract and Alarm Grid had great support and helped with installation over the phone.