Alfph J. from Hurricane, WV

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

How simple was your DIY Installation?

I installed the entire security system (alarm and home automation) myself! I took the wireless route and that made the installation that much easier. Any time I had a question, which seemed to be a lot in the beginning, I called Alarm Grid and spoke with Sterling and he was more than happy to assist.

Do you feel safer now that you have an Alarm Grid System?

Yes, I do feel much safer knowing that Alarm Grid is monitoring my house. Just bought a house and although the neighborhood is quiet and friendly, you never know. I travel out of state frequently for work and it's very reassuring knowing that if there is a break-in or even a gas leak, the appropriate emergency responders will be notified before any major theft or damage can be done.

Did you use Alarm Grid's helpful online resources to get the job done?

I watched several of Alarm Grid's You Tube videos before I decided to purchase and install my system. The videos were very helpful and gave me lots of confidence that I could do the install myself.

What do you think about Total Connect's home automation features?

I travel a lot so I decided to set up the Total Connect home automation. As soon as I Arm my system to leave for work, it automatically changes the settings to my Z-Wave thermostat as well as turn off any lights I may have left on. I often get home late at night and it's great being able to turn the lights on to the driveway as well as in the house utilizing the Total Connect app before I even get out of the car!

What do you like most about your new system?

My favorite part about my Alarm Grid system would have to be the home automation capabilities. Being able to control the Z-Wave lights and thermostat remotely was a huge selling point for me. Not having to keep the heat and air running constantly while I'm away saves me a tremendous amount of money. Not to mention, I don't have to come home to a hot or chilly house. About a half an hour before I leave for home, I open the Total Connect app and make adjustments to the thermostat.

What do you think about Alarm Grid's customer service?

I really can't say enough good things about Alarm Grid's customer service. Whenever I had a problem during the install, someone from customer service was there to help. More often than not someone answered the phone as soon as I called, but if I had to leave a message, someone got back with me within a hour or so. I really appreciate all their help.