Jay K. from Maple Valley, WA

Protected By Alarm Grid Since

How easy was installing your own DIY home security system?

Installing the system on my own was surprising very easy and straightforward. The wireless technology along with z-wave home automation integration makes it a snap to configure and integrate. Whenever I had questions I always found the answers on alarmgrid.com and often times an instructional video!

What made you choose Alarm Grid?

I picked Alarm Grid for one reason, they have great customer service. Unfortunately in my case, I discovered Alarm Grid after my original purchase from another company. I was searching the web for installation support and discovered Sterling and all his very helpful videos on alarmgrid.com. Whenever I had questions Sterling and the Alarm Grid team are always very responsive and helpful.

Did you use any of Alarm Grid's free online resources?

During the installation of my system I found the YouTube channel and Q&As invaluable. The videos are tremendously helpful and cover a wide variety of installation tips and techniques. I found that the Q&A's along with the abundant amount of information on alarmgrid.com answered all my questions from how something operates to interoperability between the different components. The website is well organized and easy to find information.

What is the best part of your new Alarm Grid security system?

Among the many features I love about this system two favorites come to mind are the voice announcements and notifications or alerting. With having two kids that are constantly coming and going, it’s great to hear the system announcing their arrival when a door has opened, especially when they try to fool dad when they break curfew. Another great feature this system has to offer is the alerting capabilities. One can configure alerting or notifications via Total Connect when a door, window or zone is left open. This feature has saved us countless times.

What do you think of Alarm Grid's interactive service offering?

The Total Connect service I believe is what makes this system so outstanding. This service makes monitoring and controlling your system remotely very easy and convenient. It allows you to configure and control your system from home automation scenes to custom notifications and alerting. Likewise, the Total Connect service is accessible via your mobile device so you’re always in constant contact and control.