Jay L. from Fort Myers, FL

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How easy was it installing a security system yourself?

My system was a Honeywell Lynx L5100 "all in one" and very easy to install. The hardest part was running the cable down behind the wall and out to an electrical outlet then configuring the system because there are so many options.

With so many alarm monitoring companies to choose from, how did you pick Alarm Grid?

Alarm Grid had the self monitoring option which i liked. Now, the wife and I get texted when events, we choose, occur on the alarm. Very cool stuff.

How much money did your DIY installation save you?

Not exactly sure how much I saved because some security places only charge you a nominal fee as they have you sign a monthly contract. Maybe $200.

Did you ever own a security system before?

Yes, it was also a Honeywell but did not have anywhere the functionality of this one.

Why should other people consider Alarm Grid?

I would say the response of support is the biggest thing I like about Alarm Grid.

Do you enjoy Total Connect's interactive features?

Total connect is what I wanted out of this system and is very cool. A little too detailed for everyday needs but the customization is the key and it's very good. I'm actually still getting used to it.

What did you think of Alarm Grid's support team?

Again the support is very good and responsive. I would email and get a response quickly (not sure how long). With the amount of systems Alarm Grid supports I'm sure it is a challenge but it didn't seem to be an issue for my questions.