2GIG GC2: Performing a Cell Unit Test

Cellular communication is a major feature of the 2GIG GC2. Performing a cell unit test will determine if your service works properly.

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Your 2GIG GC2 control panel may use a cellular radio to communicate with the central monitoring station. Cellular communications have become the industry standard for alarm systems, as they are less susceptible to the issues that are common with traditional phone system or internet based communications.

On your 2GIG GC2, performing a cell unit test is how you can ensure that your system is functioning properly and that cellular communications are working. Following the steps outlined in this video will allow you to perform this test on your system.

As the video explains, you’ll first need to select “security” from the main menu. Next, you’ll select “menu,” then “toolbox.” Once you’ve reached the toolbox, the panel will ask you to enter your master code. After you’ve input your code, you’ll arrive in the menu that allows you to control many different settings for your system.

Using the arrows that let you control the menu’s screens, you’ll navigate to the last screen, where you’ll notice a button for the cell phone test. Clicking this button will prompt the system to ask for your master code once more. After you’ve input your code, the system will perform the cell phone test.

Most users will find that the cell phone test returns positive results, and see that the cellular communications are all running properly. However, if the test results indicate a problem with the cellular communications, be sure to make a note of whatever error was displayed on the screen. Then, you’ll want to speak with your alarm company.

A qualified technician will be able to diagnose and remedy whatever problem you’re having with your cellular communications and get your system working properly again.

The GO! Controller line of security control panels from 2GIG offer a variety of features that many home or business owners will want in a security system. The 2GIG GC2 offers cellular radio communication, a large, touchscreen display and capacitive buttons for accessing the home screen or calling station monitoring in the event of an emergency.

This controller also features the Z-Wave RF protocol which allows users to control Z-Wave enabled devices such as an HVAC system, smart lighting or other Z-Wave enabled devices. The GC2 also displays the current weather and temperature conditions.

With the GC3, 2GIG adds even more features. The touchscreen is larger and more responsive, the system can be updated remotely over the air, and many of the technical specifications have been upgraded from the GC2 system. For example, there are over 40% more programmable zones in the GC3, and eight times as many keyfobs.

Both systems offer a variety of features that allow you to control your home security system, and the first step in using your system is performing the cell unit test that you’ll learn to do in this video.