GC3 Verizon CDMA Cellular Communicator

2gig cdmav a gc3 gc3 verizon cdma cellular communicator
  • 2gig cdmav a gc3 gc3 verizon cdma cellular communicator
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This 3G CDMA Verizon radio gives the 2GIG GC3, the ability to communicate with central station services as well as Alarm.com over cellular networks, the most reliable pathway available.

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The 2GIG CDMAV-A-GC3 is a cellular communicator for 2GIG's Go!Control 3 (GC3). While the 2GIG comes integrated with the ability to attach to a local wifi network, Alarm.com integration requires that each of these systems also connect over cellular networks. The advantage is that while WIFI can be less reliable, the GSM networks, as any cell phone user knows, are far more reliable - rarely to never going down. This is not only a required feature for any 2GIG unit, it is a welcome enhancement for any user concerned with the security of their family and belongings.

The ability to check which network will work best with any 2GIG panel is built right into the panel itself. While a majority of customers will know which networks are best in their area, for those that are not sure, this feature of the panel will allow you to verify that your system is connected to the strongest network around.

Installation of this unit is very simple, sliding directly into the side of the GC3. It can be installed or replaced without having to open the panel, which is a feature similar to the Lyric controller and unlike the Honeywell LYNX systems which require that an end user actually open up the system to install or replace the 3GL AT&T unit.

The real horsepower of the GC3, however, isn't even in the hardware itself. While the system is beautiful looking and intuitive, the alarm.com software that allows an end user to control his system remotely. Whether it's unlocking Z-Wave locks, turning on and off lights, seeing the temperature in the home, arming or disarming the system, checking cameras, or whatever else you'd like your system to do, Alarm.com makes this unit a pleasure to own and operate. This communicator connects the GC3 that it is installed into to the services that alarm.com has to offer. This versatility is a mark of the 2GIG brand, which allows their panels, often, to connect to whichever service an end user prefers. While there are no integrations for Total Connect available with the 2GIG systems, there were excellent connections to such services as Telguard Interactive on the Go!Control 2, and we're certain that such options will be made available here as well.

While this communicator does provide the ability to enable 2-way voice communication, Alarm Grid does not offer this service. It is a rarely used, gimmicky service that does little to enhance a customer's experience with their security system. Moreover, it is not a very effective way to verify actual burglaries. It adds cost to monitoring plans, but very little benefit. Not enabling this feature is one of the ways that Alarm Grid is able to keep its prices low.


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