GC3 AT&T 3G Cellular Communicator

2gig 3ga a gc3 gc3 at and t 3g cellular communicator
  • 2gig 3ga a gc3 gc3 at and t 3g cellular communicator
  • 2gig 3ga a gc3 gc3 at and t 3g cellular communicator back

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The 2GIG 3GA-A-GC3 is the AT&T cellular radio for the GC3. This allows anyone to use the AT&T network to send out signals if a good AT&T signal can be detected where their panel is mounted.
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2GIG's GC3 is the most advanced security system ever put out by Nortek's 2GIG line. Revolutionizing the industry when they produced the self-contained Go!Control 2, the predecessor to the GC3, 2GIG has made a number of incredible upgrades to this new system. A sleeker design, and an updated look, are among the most appealing of the cosmetic changes. But it's peripherals are no exception, even including the cellular radios that are put inside the system itself. The radios are installed to the side of the panel. Unlike the Go!Control 2, the GC3 doesn't require a fully opened panel to install. It is slid in through a side compartment. Moreover, unlike the free-standing antennae in the older Go!Control units, this cellular card and plastic encasing avoids the problem of having to risk the safety of the fragile connectors and wiring that a naked circuit board would have.

Cellular radios are considered the safest stand-alone communication path for a security system, since they are rarely ever down. However, with a WIFI receiver built into the unit itself, the GC3 and its predecessor are capable of being monitored over the internet and the cellular network. This will give an end-user the reliability of the cellular network with the assurance that in the rare instance that network goes down, the IP backup exists to protect the home.

The 3GA-A-GC3 is the GC3's AT&T radio. It will operate using the AT&T network. Simply, if an user gets great AT&T coverage, this cellular unit is the logical choice. There is also a Verizon and a Rogers cellular communicator as well. Operating over the 3G network, this panel allows an end user to take full advantage of the underlying Alarm.com software. This software allows you to see what is going on with your system, control z-wave devices you have in your home, and much much more. While Honeywell's Total Connect allows an interactive experience with Honeywell products, Alarm.com has created a wonderfully simple, and customer-friendly product for multiple security lines including GE (now, interlogix) and 2GIG.


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