GC3 Rogers 3G Cellular Communicator

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Rogers cellular, Alarm.com radio. Compatible with the GC3. This unit will ensure that your system is protected wherever Rogers is the dominant carrier. If your located in Canada, and would like to use Alarm.com with your new GC3, this is the cellular communicator you need!

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The 2GIG 3GR-A-GC3 is the Roger's communicator for the GC3. For Canadian users, this GSM provides access to the interactive experience provided through Alarm.com's iPhone and Android app.

Whether an user wants remote access to their system that will allow them to turn the system on and off or the ability to control lights, locks, thermostats, and cameras while away from the monitored location, the Alarm.com app enhances the already amazing capabilities of the GC3 or, for that matter, any of 2GIG's systems.

While the GC3 already has built-in WIFI capabilities, allowing the system to be monitored over IP, unlike the Honeywell LYNX panels, the Alarm.com requires that systems be outfitted with a cellular communicator in addition. This extra security should be a welcome addition to any homeowner looking to get the most out of their system. Not only does it ensure that the system is always connected, which will provide a much better app-user experience, it makes sure that the system is always capable of letting the central station know when a breach has occurred on the monitored premise. Cellular certainly provides the most peace of mind.

This unit is installed by opening up a small port on the side of the slim GC3. It slides into the side, and will sit there securely for the life of the system - though it is easy to remove if, for example, a homeowner should move to the US and need to switch from a Rogers' cellular radio to an AT&T or Verizon radio. This is a welcome installation step, considering that the Go!Control, and Honeywell's LYNX panels have always required that the entire unit be opened up to install a GSM. Notably, the Honeywell Lyric shares a similarly simple GSM installation, though it is not compatible with Alarm.com. For those choosing between the GC3 and the Lyric, consider that the hardware of both companies is highly reliable. Watch our YouTube videos on programming, and give both Total Connect and Alarm.com a test-run.

Brand: 2GIG

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