Adding a Qolsys Image Sensor to the Qolsys IQ Panel 2

Adding a Qolsys Image Sensor to the Qolsys IQ Panel 2

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hi di wires Joe from alarm grid here and today we're going to add an image sensor to programming on our Qualis iq2 system now there's a few things to know about adding an image sensor to your system one is that you're gonna have to add image sensor daughterboard to your system and this may cause an issue depending on which model system you own if you have a regular Qualis iq2 that's compatible with three nineteen point five megahertz security sensors and that has no other daughter cards inside of the system so on that model system you can add your image sensor daughter card right into the system plug in the antenna and you're good to go if you have an IQ to panel plus though those systems come in different variants there's one that supports the honeywell 345 megahertz security sensors and there's one that supports security sensors that work on the four 33 megahertz range but those systems do come with a power g card for power G sensors pre-installed inside of the system now you can have both the power G and the image sensor daughter boards installed into your system but you can't use them both at the same time because they both require the same antenna and there's only one of those antennas inside of the IQ 2 so if you do have an IQ 2 panel plus and you are using power G you're gonna have to make a decision on what's more important do you want to use the power G sensors or do you want to use image sensors with the system with all that being said though we do have an image sensor daughter card installed inside of our IQ 2 and right over here I do have an a koala symud sensor module what an image sensor is it's basically a motion sensor with a picture camera installed and what it'll do is when it captures motion you can have it program so that'll take a picture which you'll be able to view on your alarm calm account for more information about this though reach out to us alarmgrid and we'll give you the full rundown on how this works and how to get set up to use this feature today though we're just going to program this into the system so on our system I'm gonna slide down from the top click settings do advanced settings and then enter our default code 2 2 2 2 I'm going to go to installation and then devices and then security sensors and then auto learn sensor now on the image sensor I'm going to open it up so you just slide down from the top and then all I have to do is install the batteries so following a legend install one battery there install the other battery there as you can see the red light is illuminated right there on the front and the system has triggered letting us know that it did see the sensor and we it is able to be learned in so I'm going to click OK as you can see this sensor type is image sensor the sensor group has different settings for the image sensor if you want to change it away from its default away instant motion the sensor name we're able to upgrade this if we want to add a custom description we just click that right there chime type is set to none and everything else looks good to complete the enrollment we're going to click on add new and the sensor is programmed into the system so now clicking the back arrow will go back to the main menu and then all that's left is installing the image sensor where it needs to go in your house now again the feature is with the image sensor you're really going to need an alarm calm account activated on the system to see the pictures that this uploads and what you're gonna have to do to get that if you don't already have it is reach out to your security company to make sure that you do have this feature enabled for your system that's how to program in an image sensor to your closest IQ to do have any questions about this feel free to give us a call at eight eight eight eight one eight seven seven to eight and send us an email to support at alarm grid comm or head up to our website to enjoy the video feel free to subscribe if you want to be notified when I post future videos hit the notification button below and I'll send you an update when we do so thanks for watching and have a great day