Amseco SSX-52S: Demonstration of Police Panic Sound

The SSX-52S has a 120 dB siren. This video demonstrates its police panic sound.

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Amseco SSX-52S
Weatherproof Alarm Siren with Strobe

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The Amseco SSX-52S is one of Alarm Grid's loudest siren at 120 decibels. This video demonstrates its police panic sound, which is the sound that will sound in the case that a security system owner hits an audible panic button on the security system itself of a key fob such as the 5834-4.


Presenter: So, we're gonna take our panel, we're gonna start with the L5100, we're gonna press and hold our panic. Okay, now when I activate this, this is gonna be extremely loud, I'm gonna disarm almost right away, but we'll let you see and hear the siren kick on. Let's lean this up here. All right, we'll hear this, then we'll hear and see this.


Siren: Disarmed, ready to arm.

Presenter: So that is the installation setup of adding an external siren to a LYNX Touch. That was our L5100, we'll show it with the L5200, same idea. We have our transformer unplugged, which is why it's showing a safety loss, but it's workin' off the battery so this will still work. We're gonna activate our police panic.


Siren: Disarmed, not ready to arm. Disarmed, ready to arm. Check system.

Presenter: So our L5200 worked, and finally, our beta L7000. We press and hold our panic, activate our police.


Presenter: And all three panels worked beautifully.