Best Wiring Practices for the Simon XT

Best Wiring Practices for the Simon XT

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hi DIYs Jordan from alarm grid and today we're going to talk about the best wiring practices for your Simon XT system we have a Simon XT system setup right here and as you may know the Simon XT has an AC transformer that's going to give it power now when you purchase a new Simon XT system in the box you're going to get a piece of wire that you can use to power the system it's a 22 gauge wire and it's about 8 feet long now the system you can use the 22 gauge wire you can also use a 18 gauge wire or even a 16 gauge wire to power it the greater the gauges on your wire the longer the run will be able to be without the power attenuating or dropping down so if you do have a super long run like you're plugging your transformer way far away from your panel you're going to want to use the 16 gauge wire which is thicker or the 18 gauge wire at very least the smaller the number of the gages the larger the wire is it's a good way to remember it so the 22 gauge that came with the system we've actually used that to power this particular Simon XT I'm going to open it up we're going to show you where the power connections are and how to connect it to the transformer so on our exterior right here I'm gonna I'm gonna hinge the panel open you press these two buttons on the top it opens the clips and the panel can swing down as you can see I bumped it off of its hinge but that's okay I'm gonna move our LTE antenna out of the way and here's the inside of the panel this wire right here on these two terminals is our power connection from our transformer and I don't know if you can see this I'm gonna try to move it so you can on the back of the system you'll actually have labeling that tells you what each of these terminals do as you can see we have a hardwired hardwired terminals for sensors right here we have a DC out we have some other information these are the terminals that we're focusing on right now though the 9v AC N and the 9v AC in so I'm just gonna put the panel back on our back plate so I can work on it and then hinge it down I move my antenna out of the way alright so I have the panel unplugged so it's okay for me to touch the terminals and work with the wiring so want to show you what the transformer looks like this is the transform that comes with the system as its AC it doesn't matter which terminal you put your your wire on they're both gonna do the same thing and there's no polarity on the system either with an AC connection either leg can be positive or negative and you don't have to line them up with plus and minus so just to show you what it looks like on the transformer itself I'm gonna unscrew these and I'm going to show you the Spade leads that come on the wire that ships with the Simon this again this is the wire that comes in the box with the Simon and on the terminal end you have finished Spade leads that you can use to install it to the transformer these are super convenient as they're able to slip right under the Transformers terminal screws they fit nice and cleanly and they stay in one spot while you tighten it down so I'm going to reinstall this one too they give you a nice snug connection now on the panel itself I'm gonna loosen these up the terminal screws that are here for your power connection they have a screw but then they have a piece of metal below it that acts as a clamp to really make it hit the it really gets you a good connection for your power connection on your wire when you do set it up it is recommended that you strip off a piece of sheathing so you get a fresh piece of wire and then twist off the wire so it's nice and tight so you don't have any strands going anywhere and so it'll fit under our terminals nice and cleanly there we go so I'm going to insert one on one of the power terminals hold it in one spot while you get the screw nice and snug that clamp is going to bite down on the wire and as you can see it's a snug connection so I'm going to do the same thing for our second power terminal to loosen it up just a bit tighten it down nice and snug so with that set up we are ready to plug the system in and it's ready to start getting power from its transformer not that difficult to connect the transformer to your Simon system one other point that I do want to point out is that the backup battery when you do install the system out of the box you will want to plug this backup battery in and it's kind of funky let me just show you what it looks like it has these two connections that go to the panel you're just going to want to make sure they're nice and secure on the terminals and then these fit on either side of that clip in the panel itself so it'll be nice and nice and clean that's the best wiring practices for your Simon XT panel if you do have any questions about connecting your Simon to power installing it out of the box or anything really concerning the system or service feel free to give us a call eight eight eight eight one eight seven seven two eight and also head over to our website or send us an e-mail to support at you did enjoy the video feel free to subscribe if you want updates when you post future videos hit the notification button below and we'll send you an update when we do so thanks for watching and have a great day