Compatible AUI Devices for a Honeywell VISTA Alarm System

Compatible AUI Devices for a Honeywell VISTA Alarm System

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hey DIYs I'm George alarmgrid today we're going to be going over compatible äúi devices for your vista 20p pen now äúi devices are stands for advanced user interfaces so this is are going to be mainly touchscreen keypads that are for your Vista panel now for the Vista series there is the 60 to 80 there's a tuxedo touch Wi-Fi and a van let's start with a sixty to eighty a sixty to eighty is just a touchscreen keypad it has the same look as a tuxedo touch Wi-Fi the only difference between a sixty to eighty and tuxedo touch Wi-Fi is that the tuxedo touch Wi-Fi has a z-wave controller built in giving your panel access to z-wave devices so you can control lights locks thermostats lamp modules bulbs anything that z-wave that you have learned into your tuxedo touch Wi-Fi you can control through the actual keypad or if your monitor you can even learn them in through Total Connect and set up scenes and create them the VAM it is nothing like the sixty to eighty or tuxedo touch Wi-Fi the only thing the VAM is the reason it's considered an advanced user interface is because it does give z-wave capabilities to your vista panels so it's not an actual keypad that you can go up to it impress you can actually access the vams emulator by connecting your ram to your Wi-Fi and then login on to its IP address and it'll emulate the same screen that a sixty to eighty or a tuxedo touch Wi-Fi have now the tuxedo touch Wi-Fi and sixty to eighty are both touchscreen if you see boom I touch the screen and then all the buttons there's no push buttons yeah now most vista panels support up to four äúi devices so that means you can have up to four different mix and matches of whatever those three combinations you want it's 62 80s tuxedo touch wi-fi's and vams if you have a Vista with a prompt chip of 3.0 it only supports two a UI devices if you have a Vista with a prom tip 5.0 and higher you that's when you can start doing the for a UI devices so if you see here in order to use the tuxedo touch Wi-Fi or any of these devices you do need to have them addressed by default once you first power on and your tuxedo touch Wi-Fi since that's what we're gonna be experimenting with today it's connected to your Vista panel it automatically is going to be set to one if you guys ever need to change that there's four different slots you can change it to there's one two five and six these are gonna be your a UI slots that you're gonna be that you're gonna be using in order to if you have multiple keypads that you need to set them to now one thing you guys want to keep in mind is if you're being monitored and you have Total Connect which is the app that is one a UI slot it is an advanced user interface since it technically has a virtual keypad and since it's also technically a keypad for your panel since you can arm and disarm from it and it'll let you know it'll notify you of alarms so that's gonna take up one slide that's something you want to keep in mind especially for you guys over there or for users who have up to three or four tuxedos yeah you want to keep in mind that the Total Connect will take up one slot so in order to change the slots because you want to make sure you they're not on the same slot either because if they are you will get a conflict error on your tuxedo touches or on either one of the a UI devices we're gonna go ahead and show you if you look on the bottom left there's gonna be a tool section the wrench and the little screwdriver there you're gonna hit the tools it tools you're gonna go to system and then see us setup once I go to see a setup it's gonna ask me for a code you're gonna want to use the installer code if you've changed yours go ahead and use that one the default installer code however that I'm gonna be using for Honeywell it's for one one two it gets me into the screen after I enter in for one one two and you're gonna see ECP address now when you go to ECP address off to the left you're gonna see mine is automatically set to one you can change it by going up that'll change it to - you can continue going up to five or six if I were to change it to two and I hit apply the system is going or the keypad will reboot for instance you'll see here system will reset its gonna reboot back up on ecp address - now I may get an error if you have not programmed that slots to take in an a UI device you will get an error on your tuxedo touch so before you do that you also want to make sure that you have an actual programming keypad a sixty one sixty sixty one fifty in order to program these keypads as an a UI or to program that slot to take in a UI device you can ask your monitoring company to do it it's very easily done after the reboots you'll then be able to use it again and as for when we were in the installer code menu if you have not connected your tuxedo touch panel your tuxedo touch keypad to the Vista panel then the tuxedo touches on their own have their own installer code of four one four zero so that's only if you have not connected the tuxedo touch to your panel if you have it powered on the default installer code is four one four zero but once it's connected to your panel it now it's using the panel's information and the panels installer code which by default is either four one one two or whatever you have changed it to now again guys this is just a quick tip on a quick little overview of all the compatible äúi devices for the vista panels we have the VAM tuxedo touch Wi-Fi and the 60 to 80 if you guys have any questions whatsoever you can always email us to support at alarm grid comm if you found this video helpful hit like underneath subscribe to our YouTube channel and enable notifications that way whenever we upload new content you guys get notified again guys I'm George alarmgrid thank you guys very much have a great day