Disabling Auto-Stay Arming on a 2GIG GC2

Disabling Auto-Stay Arming on a 2GIG GC2

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hey DIY arse I'm George from alarm grid today we're going to be going over how to disable the auto stay arming feature on the GC - alarm system so first I want to talk a little bit about what the auto stay arming feature is so this is a little setting in the panel that basically it's meant to help the users in preventing false alarms so whenever somebody doesn't arm away and they do not trip an entry/exit door then the system automatically reverts to arm stay now the reason for that being is during an arm away all the motions are activated which means that if you accidentally do an arm away and you meant to do an arm stay and you have that feature disabled and the system goes into an arm away then that means if you're still home and the motion they're activated you're more than likely gonna try to you're more than likely going to set off a false alarm so by default the auto stay feature is enabled on the system there is a way to disable it which I'm gonna go ahead and get into here in a second but another thing I want to get to is not only is it helpful it also sometimes it's frustrating if it's your first time using the system and you're testing it for instance there's a lot of new alarm users who will go to the system and they'll do an arm away and they'll wait there in front of the system until the system goes into an arm away without tripping the entry/exit door first you all noticed if you're one of those users that if you do an arm away you don't open up an entry/exit door the system will go into an arm state and it can get frustrating so if you're testing the system if you want to do if you want it to go into an arm away you have to actually open and trip an entry/exit door or you have to disable the auto stay feature and now I'm gonna show you guys how to do that on GC - so the very first thing we want to do there's a little 2gig icon on the bottom right hand corner you're gonna need your installer code for this as well my default is set to 1 5 6 1 all right before I get into that actually I do want to show you what I mean by the system going into an auto state so right now if I go to security if I do an arm away it's gonna give me a one-minute countdown now right now I have not disabled the Auto State feature so if I do not open up an entry/exit door then that means that the system will actually go into an armed stay mode we just have to wait the 40 seconds until it counts down and then I'll show you guys and I'll verify with you that that is what's gonna happen 30 seconds left 15 we got about five seconds left here and it should go into an armed State once it's done arming you'll see up here says system armed state that's because we have the auto state feature enabled and we did not open up a front door or entry we didn't open up an entry exit door alright so let's go ahead and disarm it I'm gonna enter in my my master code my default is 1 1 1 1 yours is probably going to be different especially if you're being monitored and if you've changed it already so you always want to make sure you change it the master code away from default now let's go ahead and disable that Auto state feature so we'd get the 2gig icon I enter in my installer code mine is defaulted at 1 5 6 1 make sure you guys you understand the difference between master code and installer code after we enter in the installer code go to system configuration now it starts off with question 1 we need to go to question 26 that is the auto stay feature question so we are gonna hit the go to enter in our question number which is 26 and it goes into our auto stay now if we hit the down arrow key it'll give us all the options that we can do oh sorry the down arrow key actually goes to the next question we need to use the right write on the left arrow keys to switch it so you can either go from n able to disabled I'm gonna set mine to disabled and I'm going to show you guys now when I do an arm away and I don't open up at rigs and doors it'll actually go into an arm away so I did table it I'm gonna go ahead and hit end make sure Save Changes is enabled and then hit exit the panel is gonna do a quick little reboot and once it comes back on we'll go ahead and test the army it's give me a low battery I just hit okay I'm gonna go to security armed away now we have to wait another minute for that for the exit delay to go all the way down to zero but now that the auto state feature is disabled you're going to see that the system instead of going into an auto armed state it'll go into an armed the way just as it should be just as I chose alright yeah thirty seconds left fifteen ten seconds notice as the seconds get almost close to zero the beeping set gets a little bit more frequent it gets faster and you'll see at the very top system armed away so that means that we disabled the auto state feature I didn't need to open up an entry/exit door for the system to go into an armed way again it's always good to have it enabled just in case you accidentally do an arm away the system knows if you didn't open up one of the doors you're logically still in the house so to do an armed I'll stay but again if you have your own reasons to disable it you can go ahead and do so following using the instructions I just gave you guys you can go ahead and disarm the system now I'm gonna enter in my master code one-one-one-one system is disarmed and that is a quick video on how to disable the auto state arming feature on the gc2 if you guys do have any questions feel free to email us at support at alarm grid comm if you found the video helpful make sure that you hit like underneath subscribe to the YouTube channel and enable the notifications so whenever we upload a new content you guys to be notified I'm George I'll see you guys next time