Disarming a GC3 With A Paired Z-Wave Door Lock

Disarming a GC3 With A Paired Z-Wave Door Lock

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In this video, Jorge shows users how they can disarm a 2GIG GC3 Security Panel using a paired Z-Wave door lock. System codes are automatically pushed to the Z-Wave door lock when the Alarm.com Locks Feature is enabled. You will need active monitoring service and access to Alarm.com for this to work.

It is important to understand that user codes are not directly transferred from a 2GIG GC3 Panel to a Z-Wave door lock. Rather, the process is completed through Alarm.com. Entering a valid system code into the Z-Wave door lock will both unlock the Z-Wave lock and Disarm the GC3 System. However, this will only be possible if the system is currently active with the Alarm.com interactive service platform. Alarm.com will pull the codes from the GC3 and then push them down to the Z-Wave lock to serve as valid lock codes. The lock will also send a Disarm signal to the panel whenever one of these codes is used at the lock. This will let the user unlock their Z-Wave lock and Disarm their GC3 System from one convenient location.

Keep in mind that the process of transferring lock codes from Alarm.com to the GC3 System is not automatic. You will need to grant lock access for the user from Alarm.com and select the lock you want to control. Panel access must also be enabled for that user and their associated code. Additionally, you will need to create an event-triggered lock automation rule from the Automation Menu of Alarm.com that tells the system to Disarm when there is a change in the status of the lock. Specifically, this rule will tell the GC3 Panel to Disarm when the lock changes from locked to unlocked. Please note that you can only create rules from the Alarm.com website. You cannot do this from the Alarm.com Mobile App.



Hey, DIYers. I'm Jorge from Alarm Grid. Today, we're going to be going over how to disarm a GC3 from a paired Z-Wave lock. So the first thing you need to make sure first is that your GC3 is monitored by a company. The GC3 does need to be monitored by a company so that they can actually push down the lock feature for the alarm.com, as that is the only way that we can actually get the Z-Wave lock to disarm the system. The lock feature does need to be enabled. So if you guys are being monitored, and you guys don't have the lock or the automation screen on your alarm.com account, make sure that you contact your company and you have them enable it. Now today, we're going to be going over getting this Z-Wave door lock, this Kwikset Z-Wave door lock, and entering in a code on the touchscreen here that will either make the GC3 3 arm or disarm. So I'm going to show you guys how to do it to both where if I lock the lock, it's going to arm the system away, and where I unlock it, it disarms the system. This is going to be helpful for a lot of you guys who don't want to enter in the code at the system. You just want to walk out the door, lock the lock, and then it automatically arms the system. It's going to be great for that. It's also going to be great for you guys that are coming back home with groceries, back home from work, anything like that, and you guys have stuff in your hands. You guys just enter in the code on your Z-Wave door lock, and it automatically disarms the system. You don't have to go to the system at all whatsoever. So first thing we want to go ahead and do is make sure that whatever user code you want, you have it enabled for the lock feature. So to do this, you can either use the alarm.com app or the website. I recommend whenever you're creating scenes-- because we also need to create a rule-- that I recommend using the website. The website is going to be the only one that's going to let us create the rule. So since you have to create the rule regardless, you might as well use the website. So let me go in and just get my iPad ready here. Give me just one second. I'm going to show you guys-- basically I'll walk through what you'd be doing on the website. So give me just one second. All right, so like I was saying, I'm actually on my iPad now. And I'm not going to use the app because I have to create rules, and the rules can only be created through the website. So I'm actually going to open up my Safari page. And I already had mine logged in, but what you want to do-- whoa. It just logged out. So you want to go ahead and do is go to the alarm.com page, go to login, enter in your user name-- so give me just one second. Ours is going to be test@alarmgrid.com. And then the password, you guys cannot know. So basically, after you get logged in, you're going to be taken to the main screen. Give me just one moment. All right. So once you're logged in, first thing we want to go ahead and do is go to the users. You can either create a user on your actual GC3 panel or you can create the user through alarm.com. I already have my master user created. I'm going to show you guys how to do it with the master user. So first thing we want to do is go ahead and hit the little left icon, the little menu bar, to open up our menu. We're going to go to users. So you can do this for multiple users. I'm just going to do it on one of them, which is going to be Mr. Bryce March. I'm going to hit the little pencil icon to the right-hand side of that user. And remember, in order to have the lock access on alarm.com, you need your company to enable it. So if you go to your user and you hit Edit on the user and you go down to where you see Access Control, if you don't see that Lock Access button, then you don't have the feature enabled. By default, it usually shows just Panel Access. So what you want to do if it does show No Lock Access, you're going to go ahead and hit the lock. And it is going to give you-- I have one lock right now, but usually you'll have, if you have multiple ones, you're going to see all the multiple locks on there, which you can go ahead and differentiate which one you want the codes to be pushed down to. So I'm going to go ahead and just hit my first lock, which is the one I have here. And you'll see my access code right now is one, one, one, one. So that's my default master code on the system. So that means that one, one, one, one code is going to be pushed down to my Z-Wave door lock so I can actually unlock the lock with the code that's actually on my panel. So I'm to go ahead and hit Save, even though that's how it was before. All right. Now, the other thing you have to do is, again, hit the top-left button for the menu. You have to go to Automation. And on the Automation, this is where the rules are going to be. So the rules is what we actually have to create. So we're going to go ahead and do Add a New Rule. And again, this is only going to be seen on the website. If you're doing it through the mobile app, it's not going to show your rules. So you go to Add a New Rule, and we're going to do Event-Triggered Rule. And what we want is for our security system to be automated when the lock is locked. And we want the system-- let's say we want the system to go into an Arm Away. And the name of the rule, let's go ahead and make it-- Away Lock, we'll name it. All right, so basically, we're automating our security system whenever the lock locks. And we want the security system to Arm Away. And during the time frames, I want it set to all times. If you want it set only-- so for instance-- because when you go to bed, you're going to lock your door. So if you want, you can only do only during these following times. Check off every day. And let's say you only want this to happen-- let's say you lock all your doors at 9:00 PM to go to sleep. So you basically just want this to happen when you leave to work in the morning. You can do starting at 12:00 AM, and then you can give it a time. For the video's sake, I'm just going to leave it at All Times. I'm going to hit Save. I'm going to create another rule to disarm the system whenever I unlock the lock. So again, I'm going to name it Disarm Unlock. I want my security system to be automated whenever my lock is unlocked by user code and performed action, I want it to disarm. It's going to give you a little warning with this rule. Anyone with access to the selected lock will be able to disarm the security system simply by unlocking the door, regardless of whether the user has been given security panel access. So basically, if somebody enters in the code, the one, one, one code, or if they know your code, they can basically bypass your system. So make sure that whatever code you guys are using, it's not a default code, it's a specific one to you guys. And again, you can give it certain times. I'm going to leave it at All Times for now, and I'm going to hit Save. So now we have two rules that whenever we lock our Z-Wave door lock, it arms the system. And whenever we unlock the Z-Wave door lock, it disarms the system. Now I just created those rules. So we're going to give it a second to push down to the panel. And I went to the home screen on the system because that's pretty much it. Now I'm going to demonstrate the actual GC3 arming and disarming. So right now, you see the system is in a Ready to Arm. My Z-Wave door lock is currently unlocked. So I'm going to go ahead and just touch on my touchscreen here. All right. And right now, my system is disarmed, and my lock is unlocked. So right now, I'm just going to go ahead and do-- if you just press the lock icon-- System Armed Away. --it will lock the lock, and it's going to arm the system to Away. Now, if I want to disarm the system, remember all you have to do is enter in your code to unlock the lock, which then-- since we made a rule-- that should disarm the system. So I just need a press four, six. It changes every single time. It just wants to make sure it's an actual person using the lock. So after you do that-- see? It changes the time all the time. So now I'm going to go ahead and do one, one, one, one. System disarmed. It unlocked-- to arm. It unlocks the system, and then it disarms the GC3. So that's just a little demonstration that the rules are going to work. Again, this is just a quick video on how to disarm the GC3 system from a Z-Wave door lock. The system does need to be monitored. You need to have the lock feature enabled, and you need to use the website to create the rules. If you guys have any questions at all whatsoever, feel free to contact us. Our email is support@alarmgrid.com. If you found the video helpful, make sure you hit Like underneath. Subscribe to the YouTube channel, and enable notifications so whenever we upload new content you guys get notified. I'm Jorge, and I'll see you guys next time.