Disarming Using the Tuxedo Touch Keypad

Disarming Using the Tuxedo Touch Keypad


In this video, Jorge from Alarm Grid shows you how to disarm your Honeywell VISTA Security System using a Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Keypad. One of the ...


hi diy-ers george here from alarm grid today i'm going to be showing you guys how to disarm your security system using a honeywell tuxedo touch keypad now very first thing i want to put out there the honeywell tuxedo touch wi-fi keypad a lot of people think that this is the system alone again this is just the keypad for a vista alarm system a vista 15p 20p 21 iep 21ip lte or even a bpt the cool thing about this system is it's a touch screen and it also adds automation to your security system if you're planning on making your home into a smart home with a bunch of lights locks a bunch of z-wave devices all right so uh for the sake of the video before i went ahead and i put the system into an armed state so uh right now the screen is turned off but if i tap on it you will see at the very top it says armed away and it shows a bypass just because i have some sensors that are bypassed at the moment so right now it is in an armed away state and when you guys are walking into your home and you're walking like you had armed the system before you left this is typically what you will see on the system or if you guys are opening up your front door hopefully that's set to an entry exit delay so it gives you a little bit of time to get to the system and punch in your code before an alarm actually goes off um i can demonstrate a couple of things i can show you guys how to disarm it right now and i can also show you guys what it would look like when you guys open up the door so let's say uh no sensor has been tripped let's say it's uh there's three different arms that you can do there's an arm stay so if you guys are staying in the house something you guys may want to do when you go to sleep all night would be an armed stay you can do an arm away and then the third option is actually called an arm night arm night is a specific mode where you can actually program some motions to stay active during an armed night so um for as for an armed stay when you do an armed stay it kind of ignores any motion faults that way and those people are staying in the house it doesn't want you guys to set off a motion alarm or a false alarm um so when you do an armed knight there may be some motion detectors that you guys will never walk through at night time let's say you have a garage or a basement or i don't know an attic wherever that motion may be if you guys do an arm knight you have configured that motion to be active during the arm night then you'll have that motion active and the rest if you haven't programmed them to they'll be ignored alright so those are your three different arm states right now mine isn't an armed away um let's say you guys are already in the house and you guys want to disarm it from inside the house all you have to do is hit security and from there you're going to see a disarm button you're going to hit disarm and you're going to need to know either the master code or any of your other sub user codes so like if you have family members or if you have this in a in a commercial location it's a business and employees have other codes they're going to need to use their codes now if you're using an installer code an installer code can only be used to disarm if it was armed with the installer code this protects you out there who have gotten installations done by an installer so that that way they can't come back later on and disarm your system so right so only an installer code can disarm if it's been armed by the installer code which you should never do so again we're at this main screen you go to security you go to disarm and you enter in your master code or your sub user code i'm not going to do that right now because i want you guys to see what it's going to show you when i open up the front door so let me go ahead and just back out to the main screen so to do this i have to kind of simulate a door opening so i have to take i'm going to open uh remove one of the leads on my zone terminals so give me just one second once i do this you should start seeing a countdown begin so i just disconnected my front door sensor i'm sorry i had bypassed that sensor so it actually is ignoring that sensor let's go ahead and disarm it disarm one two three four and it'll show you it's no longer in an armed state now it just says not ready false all right that's because i have some sensors open and again you guys have seen the video you could go to faulted zones and check that out right there now let's go ahead and show you guys what it looks like with an actual entry delay and we're back so i have now armed the system with only one of my zones bypass the zone that is actually going to trip the entry delay it's not bypass anymore so the system should be able to read and it should go into a countdown now so let me go ahead and remove that wire to simulate a door opening the system goes into an entry delay you have a certain amount of time to get to your keypad and enter in your code or your sub user code i'm going to enter in my code one two three four there we go all right so that is not ready to arm that is how you disarm a honeywell tuxedo touch wi-fi keypad um now one other thing i just quickly wanted to touch base on let's say you guys have wireless sensors and there was a trouble um meaning like there might have been a tamper supervision or there must there might have been an alarm even uh there is a thing that's called a double disarm so if you guys look on these three here you see arm night arm stay arm away but then our disarm button is grayed out right now just because we don't have anything that needs to be cleared but let's say an alarm went off or there was a tamper on us on a wireless device and you fixed the issue and you now need to clear that trouble or that alarm from the system you would do what it's called a double disarm so even though the system is in a disarmed state you can still hit the disarm button to clear any of those troubles that you may be having all right this was just a quick video showing you guys how to disarm and the different scenarios of disarming uh using a honeywell tuxedo touch wi-fi keypad if you found the video helpful make sure you hit like underneath subscribe to the youtube channel and hit that little bell icon so when we upload new content you guys all get notified my name is george and i'll see you guys next time