Dual Path Monitoring on a Lyric

Dual Path Monitoring on a Lyric

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This video is about Dual Path Monitoring on a Lyric.


hey di Juarez Dylan here with alarmgrid today we're going over can I set up dual path monitoring on my lyric security system short answer is yes the lyric can be set up with dual path by default the lyric itself comes with a Wi-Fi communicator built-in so right on the box it's gonna be able to connect to your Wi-Fi network you can't install a cell module into the panel as well and that's gonna give that dual path opportunity so I'm gonna show you real quick how to install the cell module and then we'll get to how to set up dual path monitoring so we have our lyric right here on its home screen now I already have a cell card installed so what I'm gonna act basically what we do is just act like we're reinstalling the cell card or installing a new cell card the process is the same so doesn't really matter so first thing you want to do is of course take the panel if you have it wall-mounted off the wall mouth that's gonna trip the trigger the tamper would you can just disarm all right so to install a cell module into the lyric system you're gonna go into the tool section we're going to do our master code the master code for us is still default so 1 2 3 & 4 we're gonna go to advanced and then you're gonna see an option here install cell module you can press on that it's gonna ask if you want to install the cell module we're gonna press on yes and then if you can see it gives us step-by-step instructions step one remove panel side cover step two remove existing cell module if present step three install a new cell module and then step four attach panel side to cover so the panel side cover it's referring to is this right here so on the lyric on the bottom right hand corner if you put your thumb there and kind of push up you're gonna get this side module popping off so you're gonna take that off we have our existing cell card right there so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take this out because we're still within that screen there's a little blue tab here makes it easy to pull out pop that out and then just so you can see this is what a cell module looks like so we have it popped out and then we're gonna install a new one quote-unquote so same idea it's only really one way you can actually install it so it's kind of hard to get it wrong just match the show push it in there and then some people think that this is all the way in it is not you have to push it until you hear that click that click is basically your indication that it's gone all the way in and then we've done step one two three step four is attach the side cover back so just pop that back on there push it down again the click is your indication that's gone third pop it back on your wall mount press ok it's going to give you a message cell module detect it it may take up to three minutes for cell activation so we have our cell module inside I'm going to press ok we're going to go to the back arrow back and then what we're gonna do now is we're going to check that our communication path is set to Wi-Fi and cell that's dual path so we're gonna do tools this time we're using the installer code ours is the default still four one one two we're gonna we're gonna go to program after program we're going to communicator and then communication path right here as you can see it's already set to Wi-Fi and cell if it was set to Wi-Fi only I'll get the dishes tap on it until it changes to Wi-Fi and sell this rest information you'll have to worry about save it's gonna say radio unregistered which is fine and then what we're gonna get next is the MAC address and the CRC codes from the panel this is gonna be how our alarm company actually registers mice and sets up dual path monitoring for us so to do that we're going into comm Diagnostics we're gonna press on the down arrow after down arrow pressing on communication ID numbers and then right here is the MAC address and then the CRC for the panel now the lyric itself since it has Wi-Fi built in as you can see there's only one MAC address and one CRC that's for the panel itself the cell module does not have a MAC address but it does have something called an EI ID number that's gonna be listed on the module itself you might have caught a glimpse of it when I had it out it starts with about six or seven zeros I do recommend jotting down the number just in case your alarm company needs it sometimes I'll need that to check the activation status of that cell module so we have our mac and crc codes we jot those down we have our a ID number from the card we jot that down see if you haven't already connected the panel to Wi-Fi you have the Wi-Fi configure option right here and then you're gonna do scan access points that's gonna pull up all the networks in your area basically you're gonna press on your network press edit press password and then enter in your passcode right there we're already connected so I'm not going to reconnect so we're gonna cancel and then after you enter your password you're gonna press on join then now connect you to the network if it shows that the network has not connected either there's an issue with your network or simply you just enter the password incorrectly so we have Wi-Fi setup we have our cell module set up we have our MAC addresses and our a ID number set up we've sent all that information over our alarm monitoring company they've registered the panel for us now once they register the panel for us that 950 comm trouble is gonna go away if you see a 950 control on your panel it basically means that the panel is not finding the AlarmNet servers that's the Honeywell server is that people register these systems too so either you know it's not registered yet or it's lost communication after it's been registered for the latter I recommend contacting your alarm company so they can walk if you're on how to fix that so for now we're just gonna ignore that error because we're not registering it during the video so just talk a little bit more about dual path so the Wi-Fi option is always gonna be primary so your panel is always gonna send out signal through the Wi-Fi first if Wi-Fi spotty or if it just drops or if your powers out and there's no Wi-Fi at all that's when the cell card kicks in continuous on that signal now the cell module it works as like a cell phone so it does do cell signal strength if it's not if this so if the signal strength isn't well enough to actually send out full signal the cell much was gonna kick into trying to send out SMS alerts so that's still gonna send out alarm signal is still gonna notify you in the center station however you won't be able to really use like the total connect application arm and disarm because it doesn't have well enough signal to actually communicate with the panel so the panel was kind of using its last bit of signal its kin to send out the elect the actual alarm signal so you're still knowing what's going on you know of course try to test out your you know your cell signal strength within the area before you invest in a cell module currently there is only an AT&T LC module out there is gonna be a Verizon one soon there's no ETA as of yet per this recording but yeah usually choices are either 18 T or Verizon so if you know which one is better in your area I would recommend going with that one if not if you're not too sure try to have someone with you know both brands of the carriers come to your location and just compare and contrast a signal probably best way or check the data Maps for the actual carrier's themselves so yeah so we have just a review we have our Wi-Fi setup we installed our cell module we sent our information over to our alarm monitoring company they've registered the panel we have Wi-Fi being our primary by default and then cell module is there in case the Wi-Fi drops and that continues to send out signal and that's pretty much dual path monitoring if you have any more questions about dual path monitoring or monitoring in general feel free to email us support at alarm grid comm we do have more information on our website as well w-w-whoo comm and if you did like this video please like and subscribe and hit the bell walk on to be notified when we release more content my name is dawn from alarm grid thank you for watching