Factory Resetting a Tuxedo Touch Keypad

Factory Resetting a Tuxedo Touch Keypad

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Honeywell Tuxedo Touch - Talking Color Graphic Touchscreen Alarm Keypad
Honeywell Tuxedo Touch
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In this video, Jorge shows users how to perform a factory reset on a Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Keypad. When you perform a factory reset on a Tuxedo, all device settings and configurations will be reset. Z-Wave devices will not be cleared, but their names will be reset. Rules and scenes will be cleared.

A factory reset is actually one of four types of resets that can be performed on a Tuxedo Touch Keypad. This type of reset is best performed if you are taking over the Tuxedo Touch Keypad from someone else and you want to start fresh with completely restored settings. A factory reset can also be performed as a last resort troubleshooting steps if there is something severely wrong with the system and nothing else seems to fix the problem.

Performing a factory reset is not something you should take lightly. The entire device will need to be reprogrammed, and you will basically be starting from scratch. If your Tuxedo Touch Keypad is configured exactly for your liking, then you will lose all your hard work in setting up the device. Any changes to the settings and configurations will be lost. You will need to reenter programming and configure the entire keypad from the beginning.

Keep in mind that resetting a Tuxedo Touch will not clear your Z-Wave devices. These peripherals will still remain enrolled with the keypad. But you will lose any device names, as well as any configured rules and scenes. If you want to reset the device's Z-Wave controller, then you should perform a Z-Wave factory reset instead. A Z-Wave factory reset follows a different process than a standard factory reset.

Before trying a total factory reset as a troubleshooting step, you might want to try performing a power cycle on the Tuxedo Touch Keypad. Many problems and issues can be fixed by simply powering down the keypad and then powering it back on.



[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, DIYers, I'm Jorge from Alarm Grid. Today I'm going to be showing you guys how to factory reset a Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi, all right? So there's actually four different kind of resets that you guys can actually do on a Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi. Today we're going to be going over how to factory reset it. So in the cases where you get a used Tuxedo or you have a Tuxedo that's been used on a different system before and you're transferring it over to a new system and you, basically, want to start off with fresh new settings, this goes for any of the settings for the keypad, this goes for any Z-Wave rules or scenes that you may have. And it also goes for any of the Z-Wave device names.

Now, the factory reset that I'm going to be showing you guys today does not actually clear out the Z-Wave device. That's actually a completely different reset or default. But what we're going to do today, the factory default-- it's just going to clear the names. In order to clear out the Z-Wave devices, you have to do a different kind of reset, which we actually have a different video for. So today I'm just going to show you guys how to, basically, make the Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi go back to default settings that way you guys can start with a fresh new Tuxedo, all right?

So first thing we're going to want to do is we tap on the screen to, basically, light it up, illuminate it and then we want to go ahead and go over to our settings in the bottom left hand corner. So that's the little wrench and gear icon right here. When I hit that, I then just have to go to System. After I go to System, I'm going to go to Advanced Setup and it's going to ask me for a code. I need to enter in my installer code. If your Tuxedo is paired to a Vista panel, it's going to be the installer code on the Vista panel. If you have a Tuxedo that's just powered on, it's not connected to an alarm system, then it actually has its own default code, which is 4140. That's the default Tuxedo installer code.

But, again, if you have it paired to an alarm system, you want to use your installer code, which usually is 4112. That's the default installer code for Honeywell. Yours, obviously, may be different if your company has changed it. And, as you can see, since I took so long to enter in the code, it backs me back out to the Home screen. So, again, I'm going to go to the little gear icon in the bottom left corner. I'm going to go to System, Advanced Setup, enter in my installer code, mine is 4112, that's the default.

And now to factory default the panel. You see on the left here Factory Default, you just hit that. It's going to ask you to confirm, you're going to hit Yes. It ask, "Are you sure you want to restore the Tuxedo device for factory default? All settings will be erased and the keypad we'll reset." Yes. So now it's going to go ahead and start its reset process. It's going to power down once it's complete and then power back up. And then after that you guys can go in rename any of your Z-Wave devices, you guys can go ahead and recreate any scenes or rules that you guys have created, connect it to your Wi-Fi. Any other settings that you guys had changed, you can also play around with the settings on there.

One other thing that you guys want to do is if you guys are going to be learning a new Z-Wave devices, make sure-- or you-- make sure you get rid of the Z-Wave devices that you're not using, all right? That would be-- that would require doing the Z-Wave reset. And then if you're learning a new Z-Wave devices, just do the inclusion and-- the exclusion and inclusion just as you normally would. As you saw, the Tuxedo, it's going to power down and then once it defaults, it's going to power back up.

All right, guys, so that was just a quick video on how to factory default the Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi. You guys have any questions at all, feel free to email us that at support@alarmgrid.com. If you guys found the video helpful, make sure you hit Like underneath. Subscribe to the YouTube channel and enable the notifications, so whenever we upload new videos you guys get notified. And I'm Jorge from Alarm Grid, I'll see you guys next time.