Factory Resetting The Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000

Factory Resetting The Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000

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hey DIY is Jarret with alarmgrid here today we're going discussing how you're gonna affect to reset your Honeywell l7000 system now it's a brief description basically the way you would factory reset the l7000 is by loading the default configurations within the installer tools once you have loaded the default configuration for the l7000 it is defaulting the panel settings so once you have done that then you will need to be reprogrammed the system couple of em scratch wouldn't so when you are loading the default configurations for the system then you're gonna see four different options you can choose from the four different default configurations they're going to have or load the same settings onto the system but there are to be minor differences between the four of them now I'm not gonna jump into detail about that during this video so if you do want to figure out or you want to know the differences between the four default configurations you can find that on page 27 of the elf it's two hundred and l7000 programming guide now you cannot change the values of the different default configurations for the system so when you do load a default configuration it's going to load those those settings that is programmed to do to the l7000 now specifically the default config one that is associated with defaulting the panel settings of the l7000 so for this video we're actually peeking we're actually going to be choosing default config one now when you do load a default configuration for the l7000 you will need to reprogram the system completely from scratch as I did say prior so when you do load a default configuration it's going to reset all of your zones that you have programmed so you will need to reprogram your sensors back into the different zones and will also resets the panel settings the system settings that you have programs giving your user codes it is going to reset your master code as well to the default which is one two three four and it is going to Reece the installer code to its default as well which is 4 1 1 2 so if you were using and we're looking to factory reset your l7000 normally there's a couple of reasons as to why you would do so so the one of the main reasons why you would do that is if you were a homeowner and you were moving into new home and you knew that the sensors and the zones that you do already have programs in the in the system is not gonna match up to how they're gonna be set up in the new home so instead of getting it to the new home and trying to jump to the zones and trying to reprogram the sensors and figuring out what sensor goes at what zone you can just factory reset the l7000 and just reprogram the sensors from there right plus if you by any chance maybe you forgot the master code or whatnot that will reset the codes as well another reason is if you were moving out of the home and you were leaving the l7000 behind and you didn't want the new home owners knowing the code did you had programs if he didn't if you thought they made of might want to change up the zones or what not and you can reset the l7000 as well so that they can do what they want with the system and everything will be defaulted another reason is if maybe you were giving your house something that was in a way to take a family member or a friend and you also didn't want them knowing your zones you didn't want them knowing your codes or the settings that you had set you can default the system so that you can basically just give them basically almost a brand-new l7000 so if you were a user and you did want to factory reset you're out seven thousand you'll follow these simple steps so on the home screen you're gonna press security and then you're gonna tap more in the bottom right and on the top right you're gonna press tools and and this window you're going to type in the installer code the default installer code as I said is four one one two and then you can hit program and now you're gonna hit the down arrow until you see default config so you're gonna tap default config and as I mentioned before you're going to see the four different default configurations you can choose from so for this video we are going to be choosing default config one but I'm not actually going to be defaulting the system I'll do two other videos that will leave you mean so default config one you're just going to tap on it and if you want to default the system you're gonna press Yes so once you have press yes then the system will be bet you three times to confirm that the system has successfully been defaulted once you have confirmed that it has beep three times you can basically just hit the back arrow will take you all the way back to the home screen so you hit the back arrow and when you're hitting the back here you're normally going to get this window allow installer to re-enter programming now you're always going to press yes on this menu or on this window if you ever press No then you will be locked at a programming so next time you try to jump into programming you're not gonna be able to you have to go through these different steps to try to backdoor the system so to avoid that you get press yes and then once you have done that you could basically just hit the green house button just go all the way back to the home screen and that is how you factory reset your Honeywell l7000 system if you have any questions about the Honeywell 7000 or alarm systems in general please contact us at support and alarm grid comm or go to our website alarmgrid comm if you found this video helpful please like and subscribe and if you want notifications on future videos please click the bell icon this is Jerry with alarmgrid give yourself a great day