Honeywell 5800RL: Set the House ID Using Dip Switches

The Honeywell 5800RL is a relay that can be used in the LYNX-EXT to send a wired siren's signal to the wireless security system.

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The LYNX-EXT uses the 5800RL in it to convert the signal of a wired siren, such as the Amseco SSX-52S. Using the dip switches, it allows the 5800RL to communicate with the wireless LYNX panel.


Now, to tell this device that we're communicating with our system which is set on House ID seven, we use the dip switches. There's a nice little dip switch address chart which shows you which position to have the dip switches for the particular House ID address you're using, because we're using seven we can see that four, five, and six should be on, two and three should be off. So now, we look at our relay module and the dip switches are labeled one to six, and for seven we want four, five, and six on. Off is down. There is a little arrow on the right which indicates down being off, so we need to pull up the dip switch, six and four so they're up, we wanna push down three and two and dip switch one is not used. Dip switch one should always be off. So we have one, two, and three off, four, five, and six on. This assigns it to House ID seven, now when our alarm will kick into alarm mode, we're gonna hear our siren.