Alarm Grid LYNX-EXT

LYNX External Sounder Kit for converting wired sirens into wireless sirens

Alarm grid lynx ext lynx external sounder kit for converting wir

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One of the big problems with Honeywell's wireless series security systems is that only one siren has been designed to work for them. And,...
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One of the big problems with Honeywell's wireless series security systems is that only one siren has been designed to work for them. And, while the 5800WAVE is a high-quality siren, for those that want more flexibiility, the wired sirens can provide quite a few features that the 5800WAVE does not. Whether you are looking for a flush mounted screeching siren, a 2-sound warbling siren, or something that comes with a strobe, using a wired siren with the LYNX Touch series alarms is simple to accomplish.

This kit, constructed by Alarm Grid, consists of Honeywell's 5800RL which is a wireless relay, a metal cabinet enclosure, a 1240 battery, the 1361 Transformer, and the AD12612 power supply. If you would like to secure the cabinet with all the equipment you can purchase the cam lock.

We offer another kit for those that would like to hard wire a relay back to the panel - LYNX-WEXT. This option requires a wired connection back to the trigger output.

Kit Includes

Alarm Control Panel Battery Backup 12V 4.5Ah
List Price: $20.00
Our Price: $8.99
AC Transformer 16.5VAC, 40VA
List Price: $17.00
Our Price: $12.99
Auxiliary Power Supply
List Price: $30.00
Our Price: $18.99
Wireless Relay Module
List Price: $128.00
Our Price: $84.99
Metal Cabinet Enclosure
List Price:
Our Price: $24.99
The programming is detailed at the bottom of the pdf at
hi all I want is when the alarm ie any dectaters or any door contacts or panic attacks goes off on the system I want the trigger out put to come on the activated the The Altronix RBSNTTL is an ultra sensitive relay. so can you please help me how to set the RULES step by step on the l7000 thanks
Yes, you need to program it via the Rules section of programming. Chose Type - Trigger Output and set it up for what you are looking for. Is your system monitored currently?
thanks for your reply and one more question how to turn on the trigger out put. ?? do you have to program RULES??? is it possible if you can let me know how to do this please step by step when the alarm or panic is activated so the relay can work thankyou
The trigger output is rated at 1K ohms to ground when closed with a low 3ma output.
hi can any one knows on honeywell l7000 panel you have trigger neavitive and ground connecters what out put you get ?????? between ground and neavtive or what voltage ??? dc ??? please let me know thanks
They just did 3 pin vs. 2 pin so you couldn't get them mixed up. It's still only Positive and Negative.
thanks for your reply the High Capacity. battery does it comes with 3 wires ??? ie I checked on the internet the High Capacity. battery @ 2100 mah has two wires red and black. what is the middle pin is on the pcb on the Honeywell l7000?????
No, it's intended for you to use only one battery or the other, not both. The connectors are different so that you can't plug the standard capacity battery into the High Capacity receptacle, and vise versa.
ok I have ordered the Fortrezz SSA2USR Siren Strobe Alarm Wireless Z-wave Red Lense from USA as soon it's comes as you know that I live in UK london I will try to install it on honeywell l7000 system if it works I will let you know one more question to you on Honeywell l7000 alarm system on pcb you have 2 battery charging conections one is standard battery @ 1100 mah and second is 3 pin @ 2100mah can you intall two batteries on the two connections??? so you can get more hours if power fails???? please let me know thanks
I'm not sure that we've tested that particular model but other Fortrezz Z-Wave sirens are compatible. Did you try including it yet?
hi can anyone help me is Fortrezz SSA2USR Siren Strobe Alarm Wireless Z-wave Red Lense is compatible with honywell l7000 ??? please let me know thanks
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