Honeywell Lyric Alarm System vs Tuxedo Touch Keypad



hey di wires jet with alarmgrid here today we're going to talk about the honeywell lyric alarm system versus the honeywell tuxedo touch keypad now there are there has been some questions whether the honeywell lyric alarm system is the same as a tuxedo touch and this is actually not true they both do some similar things but they're completely different so like the Honeywell lyric is an alarm system while the tuxedo touch is basically a touchscreen keypad for a hardwired system what I mean by that is like normally these keypads the tuxedo touch are used with the honeywell vista series panels so you know basically if you're not familiar with what that is that's that's one of these this is a honeywell vista 21ip this is a completely hardwired system but the tuxedo touch allows you to be able to control the system from a different area in the home now if you wanted the touchscreen option then the tuxedo touch is a great option to do that the tuxedo touch does allow you to be able to program this alarm system it does let you change certain settings and stuff like that because of the interface and the settings you can go through to be able to do so the Honeywell lyric is not a keypad by any means it's the alarm system this is not used with any hardwired systems at all this is a completely wireless alarm system and cannot be used with the tuxedo touch at all if you wanted to use a secondary keypad with this system then you would have to use what's called the Honeywell lkp 500 keypad it's but it's a specific keypad designed from the Honeywell lyric system now they both have some similarities as I said they both can control z-wave devices they have the built in z-wave controller now they're not gonna be able to use or utilize you wave plus devices but you can use normal z-wave devices they both communicate the Total Connect you point-o through an internet connection but one difference is that this can communicate the Total Connect 2.0 through a cellular connection as well this can only be used through an Internet hard wired Ethernet connection or a Wi-Fi connection now they can be used to see sensor faults and stuff like that they're both gonna show up on the display but there is a big difference the tuxedo touch does not work directly with any wireless sensors meaning that this wireless sensors are not going to communicate directly to this device it's going to communicate directly to the Honeywell Vista as I said this is a touchscreen keypad that allows you to control the Vista but it's not the alarm system this is just a keypad so wireless sensors that like Honeywell wireless sensors they are designed to work directly with this Honeywell lyric because this is a wireless alarm system so this can support up to 128 wireless sensors and the sensors are going to communicate directly to this system and you also be able to see the sensor faults and everything but this is designed to be able to do that while this is not so just to go over one more time you know the the tuxedo touch is a keypad it is a touchscreen keypad that is designed for the honeywell vista serious systems but it's not the central control hub this is a this is the central control hub and this is the actual alarm system this is only designed to be able to control that now this is a hardwired keypad so this is need to have some hardwired contacts to run directly to the system doesn't connect wirelessly to the vista panels now the Honeywell lyric it is it is the central control hub it is the security system as I had mentioned earlier so all armed sensors basically all zoo-wee devices everything is you're going to set up for this alarm system it's going to communicate directly to this this is where you control the z-wave seems the z-wave devices and this is where you're going to control those sensors as well and this is not hardwired the only hardwire that you're going to be setting up for this is just the power for it the other keypad that works with this system was just the lqp 500 it works wirelessly to the honeywell lyric it doesn't you don't need any hard wires running back to the system at all like you would with the tuxedo touch now just one last thing that I would like to add on is they both you know they do the both worked in similar ways as I said but they are completely different 100% different now there is a new tuxedo touch it's going to be released pretty sure I want to say pretty shortly but there is a new tuxedo touch in the talks it is being developed it is actually going to look like that the Honeywell is 60 to 90 W it just said that this is going to be looking it's going to look very similar to this but it will have the integrated z-wave controller just like the existing tuxedo touch has it's just gonna have more of a updated design but the interface is gonna be a little bit different than what the 60 to 90 w currently has just gonna be slightly different other than that you know if you if you are looking forward to that by all means it it is gonna be a nice cool addition to the Honeywell Vista series systems and it is gonna be a really nice touch screen that you can add on instead of you know the previous tuxedo touch which they do still work very well but either way those are the main differences between the honeywell lyric alarm system and the honeywell tuxedo touch keypad if you have any further questions about any keypads or alarm systems in general please contact us at support at alarm grid comm or go to our website alarm grid comm if you found this video helpful please like and subscribe if you want notifications of future videos please click the bell icon this is Jerry with alarmgrid you have a great day