Honeywell VISTA: Program *43, Subscriber Account Number

Make changes to the *43 field on your Honeywell VISTA security system.

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The VISTA systems are Honeywell's wired line of security equipment. While more often installed in older homes, they are programmed through a series of button presses rather than a GUI, like the LYNX Touch panels such as the L5210, L7000, and the newer Lyric controller. The *43 programming is where an user or installer can program in the subscriber account number. This number is how a central station identifies that a signal is coming from your panel. While usually put into your panel by your security company, Frankie explains how to make changes for those that need to modify this programming field. He also gives a rundown of how to make changes to the programming field for those that have a system with two partitions.


Hi, DIYers. This is Frank at Alarm Grid again, here in the video lab at Alarm Grid. We're going to work on the 6160RF keypad again with our VISTA-21IP, and we'll program the subscriber account number for your alarm system. The subscriber account number is an account number used when monitoring your system. In order to get signals to a central station, you need to program this account number so that we know which signals are coming from where. So this account number is something that's generally assigned by your alarm company. In most cases, this is something that they will do with you over the phone or in person during the activation of your alarm monitoring.

With that said, just so we can show you how to do that on your own, what we'll do is we'll jump into programming here, using the installer code followed by 800. In our case, we have it still on the default 4112. It'll jump into installer code 20 because we're on an alphanumeric keypad. If you run a fixed English, than it would just be a 20 on the screen. So now we'll jump right into the account number. So we're going to hop right in and do *43 to set up the primary account number.

This is partition one, and this is the primary account number. Generally, you only need to set this field. For right now, I'll just set it to 1234, just because we don't have an account number set right now. And then it'll automatically jump to the next field, which we can go ahead and hit star after 1234. And that will bring us to the secondary account number for partition one.

Now generally you don't need a secondary account number. If you are with a larger central station that supports a primary and secondary, you can set up the other-- you can plug in the second number here. In our case, we'll just enter star to clear out that field. And if you have a second partition, you can also program that here. That would be *45. so we can go ahead and enter *45.

If you have a couple zones on a second partition, you can then enter the four-digit account number here. We don't have a second partition, so I'm just going to hit star, and that will clear out that field. Go to the secondary number, hit star again. And it'll go back to Field question mark. So in order to exit programming, we'll do *99.

And that's how you program your primary and secondary account number on both partitions. And if you have any further questions on account numbers, please email us at, and also please don't forget to subscribe to our channel.