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Honeywell vista 21ip 6160kt front of internet security system

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The Honeywell VISTA-21iP-6160KT is an internet security system that includes a VISTA-21iP internet alarm control panel and a 6160 alphanu...
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The Honeywell VISTA-21iP-6160KT is an internet security system that includes a VISTA-21iP internet alarm control panel and a 6160 alphanumeric alarm keypad. The VISTA-21iP-6160KT also includes the 1361 AC transformer which needs to be plugged into a standard wall outlet to provide power to the VISTA-21iP internet security system. You should add a 1240 backup battery so that your internet security system will work during a power outage.

The VISTA-21iP-6160KT is a great kit to start with for someone looking for an internet security system as it is much less expensive than buying a VISTA-21iP alarm control panel and a 6160 alarm keypad separately. The VISTA-21iP alarm control panel has an integrated internet alarm communicator that is powered by AlarmNet, Honeywell’s communications division. We always recommend cellular communications for reliability purposes. The VISTA-GSM4G is the best option since it offers an internal cellular backup if the integrated internet communicator fails or drops offline. The 6160 alphanumeric alarm keypad connects to the VISTA-21iP alarm control panel with (4) conductor alarm wire (not included) and once connected, allows you to control your internet security system. The 6160 keypad is an important device because it has an alphanumeric display that allows you to access and program the advanced programming fields within the VISTA-21iP alarm control panel. You only need one programming keypad connected to your Honeywell internet security system. If you would like to add additional alarm keypads, you can choose the 6150 fixed English keypad which cannot fully program the VISTA-21iP but can fully control the system and is much less expensive than adding extra 6160 keypads. The VISTA-21iP actually supports up to (8) traditional wired alarm keypads and up to (4) graphic touchscreen keypads. Graphic touchscreen keypads are also called AUI devices and they include the Tuxedo Touch, Tuxedo Touch WIFI and 6280 keypads. All keypads will need to be wired to the VISTA-21iP using the (4) ECP terminals which are terminals 4-7 on the alarm control panel. You will also need to address each keypad after making your wiring connections.

You can customize your Honeywell VISTA-21iP-6160KT internet security system with additional security products to build the perfect security system for your property. The VISTA-21iP alarm control panel supports up to (8) wired zones which you can use to connect door and window contacts, motion detectors, glass break detectors or any other wired security device. If you need additional wired zones of protection, you can add 4219 wired zone expansion modules. Each 4219 provides an additional (8) wired zones and the VISTA-21iP supports up to (48) total wired zones. Of course, you can also add a wireless receiver if you want to add wireless security products. The VISTA-21iP supports a total of (40) wireless zones, but please note that each wireless zone that you program will reduce the number of available wired expansion zones. You should also add an alarm siren or strobe so that when your VISTA-21iP detects an alarm, the system can provide local notification of that alarm.

The integrated AlarmNet internet alarm communicator that is built into the VISTA-21iP makes this an internet security system. You will need to connect an active Ethernet connection to the RJ45 port on your VISTA-21iP alarm control panel and activate the internet communicator through an AlarmNet dealer if you want to sign up for internet alarm monitoring service. Here at Alarm Grid, we are a unique AlarmNet dealer because we allow you to choose the internet alarm monitoring plan that is right for you.

Our Self Monitoring plan provides access to AlarmNet’s Total Connect interactive service so that you can remotely control your VISTA-21iP internet security system and have your VISTA-21iP send you instant emails and/or text messages whenever a new security system event occurs. You can use any computer with web access to log into your Total Connect account. You can also use a free application on an iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ and Blackberry® device. As we only offer brand new VISTA-21iP internet security systems, you will have access to the newer, more sophisticated,Total Connect 2.0 service when signing up for the Self Monitoring plan.

Our Basic Monitoring plan provides UL-listed central station alarm monitoring service so that when your VISTA-21iP internet security system detects an alarm, a central station operator can call you and/or the authorities. The Basic Monitoring plan ensures that when there is an emergency at your property, the fire or police department will be notified. Also, central station monitoring should make you eligible for a homeowner’s insurance discount.

Finally, our Monitoring Plus plan gives you the security and insurance savings of a central station monitoring plan and the interactivity of a Total Connect 2.0 account. No matter which plan you choose, you will never need a regular phone line again. Eliminate your monthly phone bill and sign up for an internet alarm monitoring plan using the Honeywell VISTA-21iP-6160KT internet security system today!


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John C
Submitted on 04/09/2014

Great product. Was easy to install and wire. Follow the Alarm Grid videos and you'll have a fairly easy install. Product works like a charm and is very adaptable to various needs. Great for replacing on older wired system to take advantage of the wired portions and flexibility to add in wireless devices using a wireless capable receiver like the 6162RF

So this is not a V20P. The V20ADT is an earlier model that unfortunately does not support the prom upgrade chips. With that said, you can swap in the V21ip kit you are looking at on this page. If you have any questions for the upgrade please email us at
ps i have safe watch pro custom keypads the "tombstone" type branded by ADT
sorry for the late reply got involved in some other projects however the PROM chip says WA20ADT-3.1 Pittway 2000 REV 4.1 what is the most cost effective way of remote access via iPhone and switching to another monitoring service? thanks
What does the PROM chip in the middle of the green circuit board say? It should start with 'WA'. If you don't see that, can you send us a picture of the actual control panel so we can help you with your system upgrade.
The software for programming is for the alarm dealers only and Honeywell doesn't provide it to the end users. You can program the system from a keypad or if you plan to activate service with us (we off no-contract plans online at ), we can program it for you remotely using that software if you provide us with the proper zone list.
The system can be programmed via the keypad and an alarm dealer, that has your account active, would also have software to program remotely. Unfortunately, there's no good end user software to use for programming as Honeywell expects an alarm company to install and program the system for the end user. The system is designed to communicate to Honeywell/AlarmNet servers on port 443 which is usually open for inbound/outbound traffic so no special firewall settings should be needed in most cases.
Question - I have a ADT system from 2000. board is a vista 20p and the keypads are safe watch 2000 custom by ADT what are my options to upgrade total connect and using another monitoring company? can i just upgrade the board to the vista 21ip board and keep keypads? thanks
I'm interested in this question as well. Is there software available to program the panel? Interesting...I am also looking into replacing a Bosch D6412.
Can the panel be programmed via software or keypad only? do you need to open ports or firewall settings for network communications to work? I am going to replace my existing bosch panel that has no network connection.
The siren should be wired to terminals 3 and 4 and 3 is a separate 2A output for the sirens. It's a different output than terminal 5 for the keypads. It's possible your panel is over-drawn on power when in full alarm mode which could be causing the dimming keypad displays though. You should have ADT back out to double check to make sure you don't need an auxiliary power supply.
I have a Vista 20P... (ADT Safewatch Pro 3000), and for some reason the installer disconnected the siren when he installed Pulse... I reconnected it and tested it, to make sure it worked... I want to be sure, when I tested it, the display backlight on my keypad (1 6160VADT and 1 6160RF on the system) dimmed very considerably. Does the siren use the same power that the keypads/other aux devices use? Or does it have it's own?
I believe they do have plans to get it on the android platform. It is just a matter of time. Interesting article on some reasons why droid apps lag behind iOS:
Thanks Frank, I would hope they have plans to add this feature to android in the near future. Android is currently 70% of the mobile market share.
Only iOS devices (apple) support the push notifications as of the latest update. We imagine the droid platform will be adding these in a future update.
How do i get an actual alarm to push notification to my TC2 Mobile app on android? I get the texts but i would like the TC2 app to alert me as well if my system goes into alarm.
If you use the GSMV4G with a VISTA-21iP, you'd have to change the jumper on the 21iP to disable the IP port which would effectively turn it into a 20P. The VISTA-GSM4G ( ) is the proper cellular card to use with the 21iP for IP as primary and cellular as back up. What is the PROM number on the black chip in the middle of the current 20P control panel? There may be upgrade opportunities on that panel so you don't need to buy a new system.
I have a GSMV4G I recently purchased for use with our old 20p panel; it's an old ADT-rebrand of that panel, and lacks some capabilities, etc. We are moving to a new space, and I'd like to get a Vista 21iP panel to get the internet alerting capability, but would like to use the GSMV4G with it... are they compatible? Only thing I see on cell communicators for the 21iP is a different model that appears to be an add-on card only.
Yes, you can do this. You would just wire them all in series on a single zone. There is also a feature called Zone Doubling available on the Vista-21IP that will allow you to double zones 2 - 8, making it as if you had 7 additional hardwired zones. This wiring is a bit more complicated, though.
Evening, have another technical question for the hardwire install of VISTA-21ip. As I understand it it has 8 hardwired zones without expansion. My question: I have a basement with about 4 windows, am I able to run all of the window sensors on one single zone/wire? I ask because the old panel that has been there for years has one wire coming out that seems to split or loop to all of the basement windows. I'm just wondering if I can adapt that to the VISTA. This seems like it was common to other parts of the house too.
We don't sell the Vera so I'm not as familiar with it but it would be a 3rd party home automation system. You can choose to run the 21iP standalone for security and do your automation separately through the Vera or you can use the Tuxedo with the 21iP to do security/automation integration.
Ok, lastly, sorry... What is the difference with VERA controller vs. Tuxedo? Benefit of the Tuxedo as controller vs. VERA? I was about to pull trigger then someone mentioned VERA is a better alternative.
You would need to wire both the RF keypad and the Tuxedo to the panel.
Thank you again. So I would need to wire the 6150/6160 AND the TUXEDO to the panel? Or can I wire the 6160 then use the TUXEDO and if necessary the 5828 as secondary wireless keypads?
You can use a 6150RF or 6160RF which is a keypad with an integrated wireless receiver or you can use a standalone wireless receiver like the 5881ENL, 5881ENM or 5881ENH. The ENL supports 8 wireless zones, the ENM supports 16 wireless zones and the ENH supports up to 40 wireless zones on a 21iP. The 6150RF supports 16 zones and the 6160RF supports up to 40 zones. If you add a 6150RF or 6160RF (even if you wire it right at the 21iP panel), you would be able to then use wireless 5828 or 5828V keypads. We recommend you use the K0991 transformer for any wireless keypad you add. The wireless keypads are not supported by the standalone 5881 Series receivers. You will need an Ethernet run to the 21iP panel but the Tuxedo has a WIFI option. The Tuxedo does wire into the panel with a 4-wire connection to terminals 4-7 on the 21iP. Z-Wave devices act as repeaters so you should build the Z-Wave network out from the Tuxedo to get range to the entire house. We recommend not having more than a 30-40' gap between the Tux and your first Z-Wave device or between any two Z-Wave devices.
Morning all... Based on the great informative help here, I think I will be going the route of the 21iP + Tuxedo. Made decision because the previous homeowner had everything hard wired and I'm looking to take advantage of the existing wires. Few additional questions before pulling the trigger - 1) What else do I need in order to make the 21iP "wireless"? a wireless receiver that connects directly to the 21iP Panel any one “better” or provide more options than the other? 2) If I have the tuxedo and wanted to add additional keypads (for other entry areas) can I do that wirelessly or does it have to be wired, the Tuxedo manual said it needed to be wired, hoping there is another way? 3) will I need to have ethernet cable run directly to the 21iP or to the Tuxedo? How does the Tuxedo connect to the panel, just the 4 wires? 4) Once I start adding Zwave equipment, and have trouble with it connecting/range of signal what would I need to add on the other side of the house and will it need to be hardwired?
Yes, a VISTA-21iP with a wireless receiver ( ) and a Tuxedo would allow you to use the existing wired sensors and add new wireless sensors. The Tux would allow for Z-Wave integration as it has an integrated Z-Wave controller.
Also, how would the 21iP become Z-Wave intergrated?
Great Thanks! So in your opinion, if i wanted to try and take advantage of the existing wires and also use wireless sensors the 21iP would be the best route vs LNYX + 5800C2W?. And going the 21iP route, if I wanted a more intuitive keypad, I can get the Tuxedo and it would work without issues?
The VISTA-21iP is a standard wired alarm system that houses the "brains" of the system in a beige metal alarm cabinet and uses wired keypads, wireless receivers, alarm communicators, sensors, etc. The VISTA panels don't offer Advanced Protection Logic (APL) to avoid "smash/grab" because you are able to install the alarm cabinet and sensors in such a way that it should be impossibly for anyone to get in the house and disable the system without setting off an alarm first. The LYNX Touch panels are all-in-one systems that put the keypad, wireless receiver, "brains", siren and communicators all in one enclosure. As you typically mount one of these systems by your entry/exit doors, the risk is that someone destroys the panel/communicator during the entry delay period before the alarm ever went off. For this reason, Honeywell uses the APL technology on the LYNX Touch panels to ensure we'd still get an alarm if your system is central station monitored and that type of break-in occurs. The VISTA panel can do wired and wireless if you add a wireless receiver. The LYNX Touch does all wireless but you can use the 5800C2W to integrate wired sensors in as wireless zones.
What is the main difference between something link the 21iP kit vs. the LYNX kits? I want something that I can self monitor and also have a company monitor if I so decide. I also want to make sure it's smash/grab proof, does the other LNYX kits come with a Control Panel that get's put out of site somewhere or everything is in the keypad? The previous home owner seems to have everything hardwired so hoping to tap into some of those wires for certain zones, but also want to make sure i can pop on wireless sensors. I also would want to make sure it's "future proof" meaning can connect to z-wave. I plan a DIY and am fairly computer savvy, but am confused by the multitude of options for security systems.
Yes, just program the new zones using a zone number 9 or higher after you've properly installed and programmed the 6160RF keypad and wireless receiver. If you make the zones Perimeter as the Zone Type, they will Chime in the disarmed mode and go into full alarm when the system is armed. You'll need to enter your Master Code + 9 to toggle Chime mode on after doing the zone programming.
I would like them to do both. My plan is to install the 6160RF in my bedroom which has a gate to my yard right outside the window. I would like to add a wireless outdoor door sensor to the gate so I know when it is opened and closed. Thanks
Is that all you want them to do is just chime or do you just want them to chime in addition to being regular protection zones that would set off the alarm in the armed modes?
Thanks Frank but I was interested to know if you can program the wireless zone with door sensors to beep when they open or close.
This kit comes with a 6160 so you can just add a 6160RF to the system as a second keypad. The 6160RF will support up to 40 wireless sensors for the VISTA-21iP. They both require a 4-wire connection to the keypad bus on the VISTA-21iP. You program the system from either the 6160 or 6160RF. However only the 6160RF has the RF receiver for wireless zone expansion...
If I install a 6160RF with my new 21iP can connect wireless door sensors via the 6160 and configure them to tone when the door is opened and closed? Thanks
Only if you add a wireless receiver first. You can do that with a keypad that has an integrated receiver (6150RF, 6160RF, etc) or you can do it with a standalone receiver (5881ENL, 5881ENM, 5881ENH, etc). All compatible wireless receivers are found online at and keep in mind that each active button on a key fob would use up one wireless zone.
Is this unit capable of utilizing a remote or key fob?
There are cellular amplifiers and cellular antennas available to improve cellular signal strength. A criminal cutting someone's internet line is just one of many reasons an internet connection can fail (also power loss if you don't have battery backup for modem and router, ISP issues, etc) and cellular is the answer. If you happen to be in an area with no cellular coverage, you would have to do everything you could to avoid the outages. In some cases you may be able to switch to an internet service provider like Verizon FioS with fiber cables buried under ground. If that type of ISP isn't available, you could figure out a way to protect the access to the exposed internet cable line coming into your house or use outdoor motion detectors or cameras to at least alert you to activity around that area of your home.
What happens if the criminals invading your home clean cut the internet cable entering your home? That should be an easy thing to do. There is no risk of getting electrocuted doing that. If the cellular signal in one's area is very weak as it is in most countryside areas, then you will have no cell data and with the clipped cable, no wifi. What do you suggest for that case?
I'm not sure I understand your question. Are you wondering what version your PROM chip should have? It would depend on when you bought your system. What does your PROM chip have printed on the white sticker? You'll find the PROM chip in the middle of your green circuit board.
What software version should my Vista 21iP have installed?
Technically, yes you can. However, you'd have to disable the internal IP communicator if you want to use the external GSMX4G communicator. The proper way to add cellular back up to a 21iP so that you can use the IP and GSM paths is with a VISTA-GSM4G -
Can I use my existing GSMX4G cellular unit with the Vista-21iP?
Hi Ron, This kit comes with these items from Honeywell so substitutions can't be made. If you want a 6160RF, you can just added it separately at
what would the additional cost be to replace the 6160 with a 6160 RF
* Based on a 10% APR with 12 months financing. APR's will vary between 10% - 30% based on credit score and various factors.