How Does Crash & Smash Work?

How Does Crash & Smash Work?

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Hidy allies joined from alarm grid and today we're going to talk about crash and smash technology on compatible panels now we have a bunch of panels on the wall with the GC three the GC two we have some simon models and then we have the koalas IQ two right up here all of these systems are able to use the crash and smash technology that you get with a full monitored system on alarm comm and it's a great feature to use the crash and smash is only going to work on a system that is monitored with the central station as crash and smash has to do with the interaction to Central Station well crash and smash allows the system to do is that if an intruder breaks in the house and they smash the panel it will still signal to Central Station and Central Station is still going to dispatch as if the alarm was a real real active burglary alarm this is a great feature for all-in-one panels because you may be wondering what happens have been intruder breaks in my house here's this thing going off runs over to it and smashes it this prevents that the way that crash and smash works is that when somebody let's say they go in through one of the entry doors of the home that signal is going to go up to alarm calm and alarm calm is going to expect that a disarm signal comes in at a certain amount of time after that receives that signal alarm calm is smart enough to know it's going to calculate the latency of the signal it's going to look at any signal degradation as far as cellular strength goes and it's gonna look at the burgh dial or delay it will also look at the delay timer on the system for disarming to do a calculation to expect when it should see a disarm signal if it doesn't see that disarmed signal it's gonna send that straight to Central Station and Central treat it like a regular burglar alarm it means that if the intruder breaks in they go through an entry door the system saying hey disarm me then walk up to it and smash it even though the system isn't sending up that full alarm signal to alarm calm and then the central station central station will still treat that as a real burglary alarm because the system wasn't disarmed after a certain period of time another instance where crashing smash is useful is if the burgh dial or delay on the system is enabled with the bergdahl or delay is it's a window of time that the system waits before sending a burglary signal to alarm comm and then Central Station some companies enable this as it gives you a window it makes the the time that it takes for the signal to get to central take longer which can reduce the chance of a false alarm we had alarm grid we turn it off or any panel that we can some panels do have it burned in with all that said though let's say that the burgh dial the delay is enabled on the panel and somebody breaks in the house the alarm goes off the system is screaming but because the dialer delay is enabled it's not going to send that full alarm signal to alarm comm and then Central Station until that dollar delay passes now with crash and smash even though it still has the Berg dollar delay it alarm calm is still going to look for that disarmed signal to come from the panel and it's still going to send that signal over to Central Station and it's still going to be able or Central will still be able to respond to the signal as if it's a burglary alarm so even with the burgh dial or delay enabled and even with the burg dialer delay time if the system is triggered during that time alarm calms when I get that signal and they're gonna pass it to to the Central Station to respond to it so as you can see crashing smash is a wonderful feature to use and have it's actually enabled automatically on alarm comm monitored systems for the bergdahl or delay that's the cysts the situation that I just described the only place that it can be toggled on and off is on the entry delay which is the first situation I described that's if an intruder breaks in the home through an entry door and the system is counting down its entry delay that can be turned on or off for crashing smash from the dealer now we had alarm grid we always enable it for that to give you the best protection that you can have but just keep in mind if you are monitored elsewhere you may want to call your alarm dealer and just make sure that they have enabled crash from smash during the entry delay period on your panel that's pretty much how crash and smash works on alarm comm if you did enjoy the video head over to our website alarm grid comm give us a call eight eight eight one eight seven seven two eight or send us an email to support at alarm grid comm you liked the video feel free to subscribe and if you want to be notified about future videos when we post them click the notification button below and we'll send an update when we do so we hope you enjoy the video and have a great day