How does the Qolsys IQ Panel Communicate with

How does the Qolsys IQ Panel Communicate with

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Heidi iris Joey from alarm grid and today we're going to talk about how the closest iq2 panel speaks to alarm calm now is the monitoring or is the service that the iq2 connects to to allow it to remotely communicate and for it to be set up with a monitoring center or a central station rather we offer two different levels of service we have the full monitoring plans which do have Central Station service that's going to give you automatic police fire and medical dispatch and somebody's going to call you a live operator we'll reach out on an alarm we also have self monitoring service which doesn't use the Central Station but it does connect the system to alarm comm you still get the remote communication with it you can use the alarm comm app set up your text or email notifications and you'll still be able to interact with the system on either plan level though the qual sis IQ 2 is going to communicate with alarm comm in the same manner now any panel that communicates or connects to alarm comm has to have an alarm comm cellular radio installed in the system as that cellular radio is going to have the information needed for the month or for your dealer to activate your system on alarm comm nice thing about the IQ 2 it has a built in cellular communicator so you don't have to buy any additional modules for the system it also has a built in Wi-Fi communicator which you can also use for system communication this is an opposed to something like the GC 3 which does have a built in Wi-Fi module but it doesn't have a built in cellular communicator and you have to buy it and install it after the fact so the IQ 2 it has everything set up and built in and in fact it's super easy to figure out the information that you need to give to your dealer to activate the system all you have to do is after you power it up click on the screen slide down the menu do settings click on advanced settings enter the installer code our default is 1 1 1 1 the default for the panel click on about and then click on cellular now right here you're gonna see a number that says the IMEI this is the number that your dealer is going to need to activate the system when they get this number they'll be able to set up an alarm dot-com account for the IQ to panel once that's built it's gonna wait for signals to be sent from the IQ to alarm comm they're able to ping down to the system which can sometimes work to get that communication established most the time though they're going to need you to enable a cell test on the system which will send a ping up to alarm comm and that will establish communication between the server and the system now the system also has that built in Wi-Fi module and with both of these connected the the Wi-Fi module have to join a Wi-Fi network the cellular module automatically connects to a cellular network as long as it has signal or is in a range of 1 with these both enabled and connected the system is going to use both paths of communication to communicate with this is great for end users because it provides you with a couple of different benefits one is that when you use your app to do remote control especially for z-wave devices like lights locks and thermostats you're going to find that when the systems connected to Wi-Fi those commands are going to be super fast I have an alarm system installed in my house and it the latency on normal days is about 3 to 4 seconds for command from ATC from the phone which is great and that's because it's communicating up through that Wi-Fi path so if you do have Wi-Fi we're installing the IQ too it's deathly Rebeca recommended to connect it to that another benefit you get from that dual path communication is that with alarm comm especially on a monitored account you'll see the greatest benefit the system is going to signal both paths on every signal to alarm comm and it's gonna discard the one that it doesn't need it's going to accept the one that it gets first get rid of the other one what this does is that if the event that in the event that a communication path goes down like the Wi-Fi that cellular signals still going to come up to alarm comm it's still gonna be able to process it and if it's an alarm signal and you have a Central Station connected to the system it's going to send that right to Central Station and begin the dispatch process now if you do have the system monitored by a Central Station all of the signals are actually going through alarm calm before they get sent to the Central Station what this does are the benefits that it gives you is that as alarmed is a is a it's a big platform manages tons of different systems it will ensure that the signals that are coming up everything can be processed if there's any issues with signals will know about it or your dealer is going to know about it and collect you know Diagnostics can be running the panel continual supervisions can be or a continual supervision can be set up so that alarm comm is continually checking to see if your panel is communicating it's also supporting the app that you use and it kind of ties everything together so the fact that the iq2 can connect to alarm comm is a great great feature and it brings a lot of stuff out of the panel that you may not find with other panels out there on the market that's pretty much how the iq2 communicates with alarm comm if you did enjoy the video feel free to head over to our website get shoot us an email at support at alarm grid comm give us a call at eight at eight eight one eight seven seven two it did like the video feel free to subscribe if you want to be updated about future videos hit the notification button below and we'll send an update to you when we post them thanks for watching and have a great day