Interview with Honeywell L5100 User

Interview with Honeywell L5100 User

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LYNX Touch Wireless Alarm Control Panel
LYNX Touch Wireless Alarm Control Panel

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This video was made by Honeywell and proudly distributed by Alarm Grid Security monitoring and accessories Alarm Grid is a home security company focused on the experience of the customer. We offer no contract alarm monitoring that allows you more choices without sacrificing the quality of your monitoring. We are here to help you protect your life's most important assets without the hassle of being caught in a contract with no way out.


I think in today's world we have expectations that most everything should be on the cutting edge of technology, so we take it for granted that a security system in today's world should have touch screen technology, as well.

This is an old home. It isn't wired for anything at all. Where I've placed my phones and things like that, I've had to undo and re-do things that were here originally. I didn't want to have any wires in my living room. I didn't want to have any holes punched in my living room.

You wouldn't believe what some of the other people may have offered me in terms of equipment, even though I said I wanted a wireless system. The demonstration of the LUNX Touch was probably the determining factor in deciding to go with certified securities.

Since I live alone, it's very important to me to be medically safe, as well as physically safe from predators or from people who might break in. So knowing that one day I could slip and fall and I could have that fob with me, and the communicator could come on, and I would be safe, and I would be protected and someone would know. I just think that that would be a neat possibility.