Honeywell L5100-SIA

LYNX Touch Wireless Alarm Control Panel

Honeywell l5100 sia lynx touch wireless alarm control panel

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The SIA revision panels strive to reduce false alarms. These panels come pre-configured with SIA compliant settings as required in a few municipalities. If you are not in one of these municipalities (as most people are not), we recommend getting the un-provisioned L5100 as the SIA settings can be configured to any panel and the un-provisioned panel offers a bit more versatility.

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The Honeywell L5100-SIA is a special version of the L5100 LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel. The Security Industry Association (SIA) has published an American National Standard for alarm control panels that was verified and approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The standards document is called the ANSI/SIA CP-01 and details the specific features a control panel must have to reduce false alarms. False alarms have become such a problem that SIA developed the CP-01 standards to protect the alarm industry. Law enforcement agencies and fire departments waste a large amount of time and resources on responding to false alarms. Faced with the very real possibility that cities and states would begin refusing to respond to alarms at all, SIA published the CP-01 standards so that alarm manufacturers and alarm companies could start reducing the number false alarms and therefore maintain the important relationships with local authorities.

The Honeywell L5100-SIA LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel has certain programming values set by default to reduce the potential for false alarms. Some of these programming values can be changed, as the default setting is just a recommendation, but other values are hardcoded into the SIA alarm control panel and cannot be changed. While certain cities and states require the installation of CP-01 alarm control panels for all new installations, others only require CP-01 for those people that have a chronic false alarm problem. Even if your city or state does not require CP-01 compliant alarm control panels, you may still want to consider choosing a SIA alarm control panel. With a SIA control panel, you are much less likely to be fined by your local police department for false alarms and more importantly, if your jurisdiction ever decides to adopt the CP-01 standard, you won’t have to change out your alarm control panel.

The SIA settings for the L5100-SIA LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel are as follows. Within the ‘Reporter/Report Selection’ programming section, ‘Exit Error’ can be enabled or disabled. The L5100-SIA is defaulted to enabled for the ‘Exit Error’ and SIA requires the ‘Exit Error’ feature to be enabled. The ‘Recent Closing’ feature and the ‘Alarm Cancel’ features are also enabled by default and must remain enabled for SIA installations.

Within the ‘Reporter/Options’ programing section, the ‘Call Wait Cancel’ feature may be enabled or disabled. The L5100-SIA arrives with the field blanked out, but SIA requires the feature to be enabled if you have call waiting. To enabled the ‘Call Wait Cancel’ feature, you need to enter a PBX prefix. The ‘Swinger Shutdown’ feature is selectable between (1) and (6) reports. The LYNX Touch SIA alarm control panel arrives with (2) reports selected and you must not change this setting for SIA installations. Finally, the “Abort Window” feature can be set to (15), (30) or (45) seconds. The SIA wireless alarm control panel is set to (30) seconds by default and must remain at (30) seconds to comply with CP-01 standards.

Within the Honeywell L5100-SIA’s ‘System Settings’ programming section, the ‘Entry Delay #1’ feature must be set to a minimum of (30) seconds even though the entries of (45), (60) or (90) seconds and (2), (3) or (4) minutes are also available. The ‘Entry Delay #2’ feature has the same available settings and SIA requirements as the ‘Entry Delay #1’ feature. The ‘Exit Delay’ feature of the L5100-SIA can be set to (45), (60), (90) or (120) seconds. The alarm control panel defaults to (60) seconds but you can use the minimum setting of (45) seconds and still comply with CP-01 standards. The ‘Restart Exit Time’ feature can be enabled or disabled within the L5100-SIA but should remain enabled for SIA installations. The ‘Exit Warning’ setting is not selectable with the L5100-SIA control panel and therefore is always enabled. The ‘Auto Stay Arming’ feature is selectable but should remain enabled for SIA installations. Finally, the ‘Cross Zone Delay’ feature has a range of (30), (60), (90), (120) and (180) seconds. While the ‘Cross Zone Delay’ feature is not set by default on the L5100-SIA, SIA requires it to be enabled with (2) zones programmed.

Within the ‘Zones’ programming of the Honeywell SIA LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel “Fire with Verification” must be selected for the Fire Zone 95 to comply with SIA CP-01 standards. Within the ‘User Functions/User Access’ section the duress code should be disabled for SIA installations. Finally, within the ‘System Functions/Testing the System’ section, the L5100-SIA wireless alarm control panel will not send any alarm signals to the central station while in test mode.

Brand: Honeywell

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