Powering the Honeywell Vista-20P

Powering the Honeywell Vista-20P

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hi DRS joy from Lauren grid and today we're going to talk about how to power your Vista 20p now your 20p if you buy it new you're gonna get one of these in the box this is the transformer that comes with it this is the Honeywell one three two one it has a voltage rating of sixteen point five AC and as you can see it has a power rating of 25 volt amps right on the back here you can see it has the two terminals for your AC outs which will connect to your panels AC input and it works great they're convenient in that if you're looking to see how your 20p is powered just look around for one of these beige boxes and you'll likely find the transformer for the system now if you have a 21ip or if you have an external communicator you may see a different kind of transformer this guy right here is the Honeywell one three six one it also provides sixteen point five volts of AC four it's Ford's voltage but it has a 40 volt amp output which is larger than twenty five the reason that you would use this with a Vista 20p is that if you've purchased let's say an IG smv 4G which is an external communicator that has IP and cellular that's actually going to ship with one of these you can use this for to power your system and this to power your transformer at the same time or if you want to save yourself a plug if you take this off of the system's power so you have your panel mounted here and you have the wires coming down to the transformer you're going to remove this from those wires you would install this one on the wires and then from your communicator you would actually connect its AC AC wires to the systems AC input so the wires would go from this transformer up to the system AC input and then from there it would go up to the external communicators AC input you have to use the larger transformer the Honeywell one three six one to achieve that as you need the 40 volt amps that this outputs to accomplish that it is convenient though as you can power both your sister and your external communicator with one Transformer it saves you a plug and as you can see these are somewhat large and they can be troublesome when you're plugging more than one end to a power strip or to a wall outlet another instance of where you would get this larger transformer is if you have a Vista if you have a vista 21ip now on the 21ip you're probably not going to use a shred transformer set up like you wouldn't in the 20p because the 21ip has built-in communication options it has an IP jack right on the board and you can also install a proprietary cellular communicator that works on the system so because of those reasons you're probably not going to have an external communicator sitting with your 21ip but you will get this transformer when you do purchase a vista 21ip but if you do have that 20p you're likely going to have one of these installed and if you do want to do the shared transformer setup with an external communicator you will need a larger transformer like the honeywell one three six one if you do have any questions though about setting up a shared transformer set up on your vista 20p about higher twenty P is powered about purchasing a replacement transformer anything power related with the system feel free to head over to our website www.marykay.co.uk/awilliam have a great day thanks for watching