Honeywell 1321

AC Transformer 16.5VAC, 25VA

Honeywell 1321 ac transformer 16 dot 5vac 25va

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The Honeywell 1321 AC transformer has an output voltage of 16.5VAC and a power rating of 25VA. Honeywell VISTA-10P, VISTA-15P and VISTA-2...
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The Honeywell 1321 AC transformer has an output voltage of 16.5VAC and a power rating of 25VA. Honeywell VISTA-10P, VISTA-15P and VISTA-20P alarm control panels come equipped with the 1321 AC transformer.

To connect your Honeywell 1321 AC transformer to your alarm control panel, you will need to purchase (2) conductor alarm wire separately. The length of your connection will determine which gauge of wire you should use. Typically, #22 gauge wire is sufficient as most transformer wires are not longer than 25’. If your connection will be longer than 25’ but less than 50’, you should use #20 gauge wire. If your connection is between 50’ and 100’, you should use #18 gauge wire. Finally, you should use #16 gauge wire if your connection is between 100’ and 250’.

Once you have the required alarm wire, you can connect your 1321 transformer to your Honeywell alarm control panel. (However, before making your connection, you should ensure the alarm control panel’s battery backup is disconnected.) We recommend using a set of wire strippers when making your connections. First cut the desired length of wire needed to connect your transformer to your alarm control panel. Next, strip back the outer coating approximately 3” from each end of the cut wire. You will be left with a thin red and black wire at each end of the wire. Strip the red and black sheathing from each wire approximately 1” from the end of the wire. You will now have (2) exposed copper wires at each end, one red and one black. Bend over the bit of exposed copper for both the red and black conductors at one end of the wire to form a hook shape. After forming your hooks, unscrew each screw terminal on the backside of your 1321 transformer just enough to fit the wires under the screw head. Hook each conductor under a separate screw terminal so that you have the red wire connected to one screw and the black wire connected to the other. With the 1321 transformer, polarity does not matter so you can land the red or black wire under either terminal as long as each terminal has a separate conductor. Once the wires are hooked underneath the screw terminals, tighten down both screws to secure the connection. There should be no exposed wire after tightening down the screws. If you do have some exposed wire, you should remove the wire and trim it down so that you can land it completely underneath the screw head. After completing this step, your 1361 transformer is wired and you will just need to connect the (2) conductors at the other end of the wire to the AC terminals on your alarm control panel.

Connect the black and red conductors on the other end of your transformer wire to terminals 1 and 2 on your Honeywell alarm control panel. Terminals 1 and 2 will both be labeled ‘AC’ and once again polarity does not matter. If following the steps above, your available red and black wires should already be stripped approximately 1” from each end, so simply insert the exposed copper end of one of the conductors into the terminal block under terminal 1 and do the same with the other conductor under terminal 2. Tighten your wire connections by screwing down the terminal screws. You can then plug your 1321 transformer into an unswitched wall outlet to power up your Honeywell alarm control panel. After plugging in the transformer, you should remember to reconnect your battery backup.

The Honeywell 1321 AC transformer should last for the lifetime of your alarm control panel. However, it is important that you do not initially wire up the transformer while it is plugged into your wall outlet. If you do, you can easily blow out the fuse inside the 1321 transformer. For this reason, Alarm Grid does not offer refunds or exchanges on any transformers.


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Submitted on 11/20/2012

Very easy installation. Solved the problem of an annoying buzz from the old one. Would purchase again.

Made install easy
Submitted on 10/21/2012

I got the 1321 and it made installation of my Vista 20P panel incredibly easy. This and the Tuxedo Touch were the most awesome products I bought in addition to my panel. I am loving these things.

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