Rebooting The Qolsys IQ Panel 2



hi di wires I'm George from alarm guard today I'm gonna be showing you guys how to reboot your quotes this IQ panel - or the IQ panel - plus it's the same process and there's two very very easy ways to do this the first way there's an actual panel reboot button in the advanced settings and then - there's a power down button if you guys want to do a hard to reboot where you guys can power the system down and then remove the backup battery and the power supply from the wall or the little barrel connector that plugs in to the actual system and I'm gonna show you guys how to do both of them now if you guys are gonna be doing the panel reboot and even the panel power down you will need to know the master code the installer code or the dealer code as long as you have either one little one of those three codes you should be able to parallel reboot or power down the system very easily so the first thing we're gonna go ahead and do is right here I have my IQ panel - I'm gonna hit the little top button here to open up my settings and then I'm gonna hit the little wrench to open settings now from there you you're not going to see the panel reboot or the power down function just yet you need to go to advanced settings that's where it's gonna ask you to enter in your user code and you need to use your master code your installer code or your dealer code I'm gonna show you guys all three so my master code my panel is defaulted so I'm gonna use one two three four that is an IQ two panels default master code if you guys just got a brand new IQ panel - or an IQ panel - plus your default master code is one two three four as you see here I have a panel reboot and a power down button I'm gonna hit the back arrow key to go back one screen and I'm gonna go back into advanced settings and now I'm gonna go ahead and use my mine Staller code and my dealer code so my installer code will be 1 1 1 1 and you'll see there I have a panel reboot and I also have a power down the installer code is work what you're going to be using to programming sensors to basically program your system I'm gonna back out one more screen and I'm gonna go to advanced settings and this time I'm gonna use my dealer code which is 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 and you'll see here this brings me more - more dealer settings dealer branding a couple of other things that dealers usually have access to now either one of these codes will work master installer code or dealer code and these all the clothes that have used today are all default codes basically treating this panel as if it was brand new if you guys have changed your codes or if your company has changed your codes and you're trying to enter in the codes and they're not working you know why so as you see here every single screen that we've had has had panel reboot and power down the first reboot option is going to be the panel reboot this will simply power cycle your IQ panel - or your IQ panel - plus and if you hit OK the panel will start rebooting I'm gonna go ahead and hit cancel just to show you guys what a hard reboot will look like because that actually goes a little more into death if you do a panel reboot and you hit OK the panel will shut down and then it'll power back up on its own now sometimes whenever you're doing the panel reboot you may be asking why you need it let's say for inactivation sometimes the cellular signal takes a little bit to ping in to the servers when you're being activated so sometimes what a panel reboot does is it kind of resets everything it refreshes everything and it makes everything go a little bit faster so sometimes an activator or a technician may ask you to reboot your system whether it's a simple pan or reboot or with whether it's a hard reboot do not do the reboots until a technician tells you to do it one other thing you know how sometimes you power down a computer or a laptop or even a gaming station anything like that even a router as well sometimes you need to power them down giving them a little break to power them back up even your cell phone same thing with the alarm system some times every now and then they need to be powered down for 30 seconds and then turn back on so we saw with the panel reboot how to access that now let's go ahead and go into the power down now I'm going to show you guys how to do a complete power down where you remove the backup battery and where you remove the transformer or the the AC power to the system when you guys are doing this hard reboot it's very important that you power the system down first and then remove these parts simply removing the backup battery and the AC power supply while the system is still powered on could cause corruption of the system you could break your system short-circuit it so you want to make sure that you power the system down first before you remove anything so I'm gonna go ahead and hit power down power down it's gonna ask me if I want to relaunch the wizard on the next powerup I'm just gonna uncheck that because I do not want to relaunch the wizard and it even says here are you sure you want to shut down disconnecting the power supply and or battery before the shutdown process is complete may result in data corruption and/or panel failure important to continue press shutdown and wait for the LED buttons to turn completely off then unplug the battery followed by the power supply so I'm gonna hit okay system will say power off shutting down as soon as this light here on the right hand side that's green goes completely dark then I can go ahead and take my system off the cover unplug the backup battery and unplug the power supply so the light is off the screen is dark no button presses make the screen power on I can now go ahead and take the system off of the back plate there's two tabs here at the very top [Music] so here you have the back of the IQ - you see this is my power supply right here it plugs into this little barrel connector and my backup battery is right here so the system is completely powered down so you can easily if you wanted to do a hard reboot unplug the backup battery and you can unplug the power supply one moment and now I have my IQ tube free from a backup battery and free from a power supply this is how you do a hard reboot not to power it back on you can just plug everything right back in the same way it was plug the barrel connector and make sure it's all the way in and plug the backup battery in it'll snap in and once you have that you can mount the system back on to the back wall onto the back plate make sure you fish the antenna through the back for your if you're using the IQ 2 plus for your power G sensors and it's snaps shut onto the back plate now I must have accidentally pressed the little side button here when plugging it back in which is why you see the screen come on but normally the screen won't come on until you actually press that side button which is the power button now you see the system's powering back on and that was how you do a hard reboot so you have the panel reboot which is just a simple reboot and then you have a hard reboot where you actually shut the system down you manually take out the power supply in the backup battery and then you plug everything back in and then you power it back on if you guys have any questions on how to reboot your IQ panel - or your IQ panel - plus please email us to support at alarm care comm if you found the video helpful make sure you hit like underneath subscribe to the YouTube channel and hit the little bell icon to enable notifications so whenever we upload new content you guys get notified I'm Jorge and I'll see you guys next time