Self Install a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 and Still Get Monitoring


In this video, Jorge from Alarm Grid explains how you can get a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 System monitored even if you install it yourself. A DIY alarm monitoring ...


hi DIYs I'm George from alarm grid today we're gonna be discussing if you install an IQ 2 or an IQ 2 Plus on your own can you still get monitoring simple and quick answer to that is yes depending on the company you go with like for instance if you go with us we're a DIY company it doesn't matter who installed the system whether it was a professional installer or the end user yourself that installed the system as long as the system is not tied up with another company as long as the system is not locked you we can activate the system and get it set up so that it can send out and it can receive signals from the platform so if you install the system on your own not only is it gonna save you a lot of money because usually what happens with these companies out there that send out installers and everything like that is they send out they have a fee for the Installer to go out then they have a fee per hour now when you do this self installation you're saving yourself all of those costs of having to have the installer go out the good thing about the IQ 2 and the IQ 2 plus is that it's very very easy to set up if you guys are in an apartment or somewhere that you're renting and you don't want to make a hole in your wall this system actually comes with the back stand already that you guys can use so you guys can actually just put it on a countertop kitchen counter your bedroom counter your nightstand wherever you guys want to place a system it doesn't have to go install on the wall it just has to be plugged in for power and if you're mounting an encounter it already comes with a death stand that you need for it now if you guys are installing this in your house and you're looking for a cleaner look as long as you guys have the right tools then the install should be very easy you just have to make a small hole in the wall fish the wire behind the wall so it's not just a bingling wire on the on the front of the walls so that everyone can see so you fish the wire behind you bring it down to an outlet and the system already comes with a power supply that you need to plug in for power now again these are all self installation solutions it's the system itself is very easy to setup the sensors are wireless so they pretty much have a little peel back sticker on the back that you can as soon as you take the sticker off you just mount the sensor where you need it same thing for the magnets if you guys want to secure it you can always drill it into the into the frame of the house as well if you guys want to make sure if you guys aren't confident that the adhesive sticker is gonna hold the sensor in place but yeah self installation is always gonna save you guys a lot of costs you you don't have to have the installer go out you don't have to pay any installation fees it's all self installation and then whenever you're monitored with a company like us a DIY do-it-yourself company all you have to do is sign up for the service to get the system activated now what is alarm comm alarm comm is the service that the alarm company's ourselves deal out to the end-users so you have to go through an alarm company to get the alarm calm service now alarm comm is an it's an interactive platform it allows you to control your alarm system from your phone so if you go into your app store or Play Store you can go ahead and download the alarm calm app but you can't log in if you're not monitored because you don't have an account you get that account and you receive the welcome emails when your monitoring company has activated you now with the application you can pretty much do everything on your system except programming so you can arm and disarm the system you can create and delete user codes with the with the with the app you can control z-wave devices so if you have lights locks thermostats garage door controllers plug-in modules switches light bulbs anything that's z-wave or z-wave plus as long as you guys have included it into your IQ - or IQ - plus it'll go up it'll be pushed up to the alarm comm platform and then from there you can access all these devices from the app as long as again you're on the correct monitoring plan and service if you guys have alarm comm video cameras you can also view those video cameras through the application as well you can create email and text message notifications you can look at the status of your system the status of your sensors create email and text messages whenever a door is opened or closed literally you can do a lot of things with this platform and again all you have to do is just sign up for the correct monitoring plan the company will activate the system they'll send you your welcome emails and then you you're free to use the application they also have a website so if you ever find yourself not having send me a reception but you have a computer or something in front of you you can go to the website and log in to the platform that way as well now alarm comm is also what you're going to be using for the system that's what it's sending out the signals to and then from there whether you're doing Central Station monitoring or self monitoring that's where the signals will be sent to so if you're doing a self monitoring plan that means that the application is going to send you email text message or push notifications but since it is a self monitored plan it's up to you to contact the authorities because there is no Central Station involved in self monitoring and again not every company will have this self monitoring option so make sure you guys are looking in that as well whenever you guys are looking to get your IQ or IQ to pulse monitored the other plans are Central Station monitoring plans so if you guys have a Central Station monitoring plans not only is the application going to be sending you emails text messaging push notifications but it's also sending the alarm signal out to the Central Station so that they can then look at the signal and say okay the front door alarm is going off let me go ahead and start going down the call list that we have for the end-user and we'll see if everything is okay if nobody answers or if you guys say that it is an actual alarm then they'll go ahead and they'll contact the Care Act Authority is whether it's the police department fire department or the ambulance the medical department all right so this is just a quick video if you guys do the self installation it is completely ok again it all depends on what company you're going with but if you're going with yaaaaaay company like us it does not matter to us who installed it whether it was a professional installer or yourself who installed it as long as it's connected to a network as long as it's powered up we'll be able to activate the system for you if you guys have any questions about the monitoring plans or need help getting your IQ too or your IQ to plus set up feel free to send us an email to support at alarm grid comm if you guys found this video helpful make sure you hit like underneath subscribe to your YouTube channel and hit the little bow tie con that way when we upload new content you guys get notified I'm Jorge and I'll see you guys next time