Sensors Compatible with a Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Alarm System

In this video, Joe talks about the sensors that can be used with the Qolsys IQ Panel 2.

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In this video, Joe talks about the sensors that can be used with the Qolsys IQ Panel 2. The standard IQ Panel 2 System includes a built-in wireless receiver for ...


hi DIYs joy from alarm grid and today we're going to talk about which sensors are compatible with the Colossus IQ 2 system now we have an IQ 2 system mounted right here and out of the box the only sensors that it's going to work with are any sensors that work on the three hundred nineteen point five four you can see these are closest sensors and GE / inner logic sensors now the system does have a few options currently available to interface other sensors with the system and going forward closest is actually going to release some stuff that's going to allow you to work with other sensors so as far as the future options go on the board there's actually three slots for daughter boards what these are our modules that are going to allow the system to interface with other sensors Qualis so far has said that we believe that they're going to be releasing a daughter board for 433 sensors for Honeywell 345 sensors and for powered G sensors this may change as time goes forward and as far as we know you're not able to buy the daughter board separately from the system so when they do start releasing these systems with the daughter boards you'll be able to buy a new system with the daughter board pre-installed in the system and this is going to make it real convenient if you have an older system installed in your house with a bunch of sensors that aren't directly compatible with the closest and you want to install it having the daughter board in the system is going to allow you to install IQ 2 and program all the sensors right into your panel without having to do any additional stuff it's going to make it really really convenient currently though there are a few options you can use to interface other sensors with the IQ 2 on the system or for the system qual sis has made a translator called the IQ translator 3:45 we sell it on our website that will actually allow the Colossus to interface with Honeywell 5800 sensors as they do work on the 345 frequency and it will also allow it to interface with 2gig sensors as they also work on the same frequency we also sell it a vice called the resolution 524 it's a universal wireless to wireless translator and that thing actually allows multiple different manufacturers to work with multiple other different manufacturers and what I mean by that is there's two dials on the translator one lets you say what the model of the sensors are that it's going to be translating and the other dial allows you to set it to tell the type of system that's going to be sending the information to so let's say you have honeywell 345 series sensors in the home or sensors that work on the 345 frequency and you install a Qualis you set one dial to the Honeywell and one to qual sis and then it would translate them through and allow them to work with the system as far as programming sensors to this system it's really quite easy on the system I'm going to walk through it just so you can see on your panel you're going to click this button which will pull down the main menu and then you're going to click on settings and we're going to click on advanced settings we have everything defaulted soul enter 1 1 1 1 which is the default installer code and then we'll do installation and then devices next we'll do security sensors and we're going to do auto learn sensor so now the panel is in listening mode and I have an analogic sensor right here and as you can see I just moved it away from the magnet which faulted the sensor and caused the IQ to to pick it up I'm gonna click OK that we want to learn a min this is our sensor programming menu I don't really feel like changing anything right now so I'm just gonna click add new to program it in and as you can see the sensors now in a system so if we go all the way back to the main menu and I take my magnet we can see that the front door is open telling us that we have successfully programmed in the sensor those are the sensors that are compatible with the closest iq2 if you did enjoy the video feel free to subscribe if you want to be updated when we post future videos hit the notification button below and we'll send you an update when we do so if you have any questions about alarm monitoring or alarms in general head over to our website give us a call at eight at eight eight one eight seven seven to eight or send us an email to support at alarm grid comm we hope you have a great day and take care