The Tuxedo Touch - Not An AlarmNet Communicator

The Tuxedo Touch - Not An AlarmNet Communicator

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Honeywell Tuxedo Touch WIFI
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Honeywell Tuxedo Touch - Talking Color Graphic Touchscreen Alarm Keypad
Honeywell Tuxedo Touch
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In this video, Jorge explains that the Tuxedo Touch Keypad isn't an AlarmNet Communicator. The device connects to WIFI to transmit Z-Wave information to AlarmNet360 and Total Connect 2.0. The actual panel will still need a communicator for alarm monitoring and connectivity with the AlarmNet Servers.

The Tuxedo Touch WIFI is a touchscreen keypad used with Honeywell VISTA Alarm Systems. The device provides the functionality of nearly any alarm keypad, including the ability to Arm and Disarm the system. It also offers a Console Mode for making system programming changes. But one of the best selling points of the Tuxedo Touch is that it functions as a Z-Wave controller. This way, an end user can control their Z-Wave devices from the keypad and from Total Connect 2.0. A user will need a monitoring plan that includes access to TC2 with automation enabled to do this.

Many people mistakenly believe that the device is an internet communicator. However, that is not the case. While it's true that the keypad connects with a local internet network, it does not provide internet connectivity for the rest of the alarm system. The keypad only connects to a WIFI network so that it can relay Z-Wave information to and from Total Connect 2.0. The system will still need an AlarmNet Communicator for monitoring service and access to Total Connect 2.0.

AlarmNet Communicators use IP connectivity and/or cellular connectivity to access the AlarmNet Servers. These devices are installed directly at the panel. Without one of these devices, the panel would be forced to rely on a phone line for monitoring service. Phone line connectivity is an outdated practice that is seldom used today. Most users will use IP and/or cellular connectivity because of the faster speeds and better liability. It should be noted that cellular connectivity is the most reliable communication path available.


Hey, DIY-ers. I'm George from Alarm Grid. Today I'm going to be going over the Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi and whether or not it can be used as a communicator on a La Vista alarm system. So the Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi, even though it says Wi-Fi and it connects to the Wi-Fi, does not act as an Alarm Net communicator for your alarm system.

A lot of people get the keypad because they see it's Wi-Fi so they think that OK, well, since it has Wi-Fi in it, that means it must be able to report my alarm signals through the Wi-Fi path. However, that is not the case. The Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi is literally just a touchscreen keypad with a Z-Wave controller built on the inside.

So if you guys are using the Tuxedo Touch locally only, this is going to allow you, first of all, to arm and disarm your system. You can actually go into programming through Console Mode, and it'll act as an alphanumeric display. And it also allows you to learn, exclude, include and exclude Z-Wave devices and create scenes and rules. So if you guys have Z-Wave devices and you guys are using the Tuxedo Touch locally only, you guys can use it for that.

Now, if you guys are going to get it monitored, you're still going to need an Alarm Net communicator. So like I said, since that is not a communicator, you can either get an internet or a cellular communicator-- or dual path-- for your Vista system. Now, the Tuxedo Touch-- the Wi-Fi-- what it's used for if you guys do get the interactive service and you guys get Total connecting, you have automation enabled, the Tuxedo needs to be connected to Wi-Fi because it uses that Wi-Fi connection to communicate to Total Connect 2.0 to control Z-Wave devices.

It's also how it's going to update Total Connect with any new Z-Wave scenes, rules, or devices that are added to the Tuxedo Touch. If there's no internet or Wi-Fi going to the Tuxedo and you're trying to control Z-Wave devices through your Total Connect 2.0 app, it will not work. So the Wi-Fi in the Tuxedo Touch-- like I was saying before, not only is it used to communicate and refreshing the Total Connect 2.0 app with the Z-Wave devices, rules, and scenes, but it also uses the Wi-Fi to pull in the weather.

So if you guys set the location on your Tuxedo Touch, it actually pulls in the weather using the Wi-Fi and then there's also the web server that the Tuxedo Touch uses. So as long as you're connected to the Wi-Fi network on the Tuxedo Touch, you guys can basically pull it up on your laptop and have a Tuxedo emulator on a web page as long as you're logged into the IP address. So it does have a local web server that you guys can use when connected to the same Wi-Fi or internet connection as the Tuxedo.

Just touch base on the automation in Total Connect 2.0-- when you guys get Total Connect, and if you guys have a Vista system and you're looking to do Z-Wave, you will need to get the Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi. Now, the scenes and the rules-- yes, they can be created through the Tuxedo Touch. However, the scenes and the rules are a lot easier to create through the wizard on the Total Connect 2.0 app.

So if you guys have loaded in door locks, lights, thermostats, garage door controllers into the Tuxedo, you then just need to refresh the Total Connect 2.0 app. The app will pull in the Z-Wave devices, because the Tuxedo's communicating and updating the app through the internet path, and then after that, you can use the app to create the scenes and rules.

Now, keep in mind this is just for the automation side of Total Connect. In order to get Total Connect onto your system, you still need to have an internet or a cellular Alarm Net communicator, all right? The Tuxedo Touch will not send-- the Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi will not send out signals to the central station. Like I said, it does not act as an Alarm Net communicator.

Only a phone line and internet or cellular Alarm Net communicator will send out the signals to the central station, or if you guys are being self-monitored, you guys can get emails and text messages through the app. But again, you just need an Alarm Net communicator, which the Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi is not. And I'm just making sure I repeat this plenty of times during the video so that those of you who are watching it don't get the Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi confusing it for a communicator, all right?

If you guys have any more questions about the Tuxedo Touch Wi-Fi, feel free to send us an email to If you guys found the video helpful, make sure you hit Like underneath. Subscribe to the YouTube channel, and enable the notification so whenever we upload new content, you guys are notified. I'm George, and I'll see you guys next time.