Using the Lyric Alarm System w-o Total Connect

Using the Lyric Alarm System w-o Total Connect

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hey di wires I'm George with alarmgrid today we're gonna be going over if we can use the lyric controller without Total Connect the simple answer to that is going to be yes you can most definitely use the lyric controller without Total Connect now there's different options you guys can do you guys can do Central Station monitoring only you guys can do a you guys can use the system as a local noise maker only as well but do keep in mind the lyric controller actually comes with Wi-Fi and z-wave already built in so basically this system is ready for monitoring out of the box and once you plug in all you have to do is connect it to your Wi-Fi now there are a couple of programs and apps that you can download onto your smart phone whether you have an iOS or an Android device and you guys can actually control the system from the app from your phone tablet wherever you guys have the app downloaded on now to start off the lyric actually has an app you can download it's called my home controller I'm gonna place it up here right next to this lyric it's a blue icon with a white shield says Honeywell if I click on it it's gonna take you through a couple of steps that you're gonna need a complete in order to pair it but it's basically gonna make your tablet or iPhone into an emulator so it acts as a keypad you can arm and disarm from this app and just something to keep in mind is that that app only works locally so if you guys were looking for any remote notifications it would not be through that app that only works when you're connected to the same Wi-Fi network that the lyric is connected to so you do have to be at the actual location and on site if you were looking for remote notifications such as email and text notifications which is what a lot of people like then you would want to do total connects I know the video is about not using Total Connect but I'm here to let you know also what Total Connect can do it allows you to control the system remotely so whether you're in a different state city country as long as you have internet and you're logged into your accounts you can control the system and receive notifications now one other thing about the system which a lot of people have been discussing on the internet is homekit this system if bought new it does come with the software to do home kit however you still need a monitoring company to enable that's something that a lot of people are getting confused for the home kit you need a monitoring service to enable it so if you get the lyric keep in mind you need to have a monitoring company and some service with them so that they can enable it for you now once you have home kit enabled now again that's gonna be through an iOS device also Android doesn't have home kit once you have the home kit app you can arm and disarm from that home kit you can get alarms however the alerts through home kit are not as specific as they are on Total Connect so Total Connect will actually let you know sensor one front door alarm Berg's own or fire alarm so it's very specific with what alarms are being reported and it lets you know very specifically what's going on with the system home kit does not do that also if you want to use home care remotely you need to have an Apple TV setup as a home kit hub or you need to have an iPad with the latest firmware update again set up as a home kit hub so that's the only way to use home care remotely remember again very very important you need to have a monitoring company enable home kit now as for the lyric system to get back into the monitoring services without Total Connect you can certainly use that we are actually a monitoring company as well and we have monitoring plans for this system so you can either do Central Station monitoring only which is the typical alarm dispatching where if there's an alarm our Central Station will call the authorities or call you however you want to set it up we also have plans where you can do Central Station and Total Connect so you get both of them and we also have different plans which are self monitoring planets now that is the Total Connect only which means you are the only one that is receiving notifications and it's up to you to contact the authorities yeah so there's three different plans right Central Station only Central Station plus Total Connect or just Total Connect yeah and again you guys don't need to get any monitoring on the system if you guys just want to use it as a local noise maker you guys can do that but then keep in mind the only people receiving or knowing that the alarm is going off are the people on site that are getting the big alarm sound from the lyric or that that can actually hear the lyric so keep in mind if you guys don't get any monitoring only people that are gonna know of the alarm is are the people here going off yeah so we always recommend getting the system monitored whether it's through Wi-Fi through setting your Total Connect only or Central Station only or both of them so if you guys do have any questions you can always email us at support at alarm grid comm if you found this video helpful make sure that you hit like underneath subscribe to the YouTube channel and enable notifications that way whenever we upload new content you guys do get notified again guys my name was george i'm with alarmgrid see you guys next time