Using WIFI as Primary and GSM as Backup on my Qolsys IQ Panel 2

Using WIFI as Primary and GSM as Backup on my Qolsys IQ Panel 2

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hi-dee-hi wires I'm George from alarm grid today we're gonna be going over if you can use Wi-Fi as the primary path gsm as your backup path on a closest IQ panel - or IQ panel - plus so basically just to start off the IQ panel - it actually has Wi-Fi and LTE now built-in GSM is a thing of the past it's kind of like what people refer to when they're talking about 3G 4G or if you're on Verizon's older network CDMA now the new communication paths that are made for alarm systems across the board are all LTE so if you do have a 3G 4G or even a CDMA communicator out there make sure I just want to make sure that you're aware only LTE now is allowed to be activated so it's just something to keep in mind when moving forward now luckily for you all of the IQ twos and the IQ two pluses should now if you're buying them you have LTE communication paths built-in now just going off of that the service a lot of you guys are used to other alarm systems where they use Wi-Fi or Internet as a primary path and only you cellular in the event that the internet or Wi-Fi goes down however the IQ 2 plus or the IQ 2 is different in the fact that it actually sends out both signals simultaneously through the cellular and through the Wi-Fi path at the same time what happens then through the alarm com whichever signal reaches the servers faster that's the one that recognizes and then it ignores the second one so basically your system is actually using both paths to send out alarm signals and whichever one's received first that's the one that gets I guess noticed by or that's get that gets received and put into the servers for alarm com now again this is different than your normal other systems where it kind of settled you're only kicked in if you're I guess you can say if your Wi-Fi failed or if your internet failed now most system back in the day they used to use phone line connections and phone line connections you know they were actually pretty vulnerable and somewhat unreliable as well what you see nowadays is now internet has taken over the phone line connections you know they have a bunch of VoIP companies out there you can you know plug in your phone jack to the modem or you know dive magicJack there's a whole bunch of things out there right now that actually allow you get a phone line through your internet which again that is still Wi-Fi internet is still vulnerable which is why actually requires a cellular path to be enabled so even though the IQ 2 plus has Wi-Fi and cellular some of you guys may be looking at some alarm companies that have Wi-Fi only enabled plans with the IQ 2 plus because it has Wi-Fi and because he uses alarm comm that's what it's partnered with you pretty much have to have a cellular communicator backup enabled or the cellular communication path enabled alarm comm requires all of the senator paths to be enabled just first of all it's more secure so they're actually watching out for you guys in the end and second of all it's a more reliable path so they only have cellular based plans they even if you have internet you can still use internet only if you wanted to but they're still gonna require that a cellular is enabled so it doesn't really matter whether or not you guys are planning on using Wi-Fi or not you need to have that set either enabled so whenever you guys are looking for monitoring plans for your closest iq2 or iq2 plus you want to make sure you're thinking about getting these cellular based plans now the cool thing about the IQ 2 plus is it actually comes in a whole bunch of different flavors so the first thing is if you have an IQ 2 plus it comes with different daughterboard cards so you want to make sure that you're buying the correct one that's going to work with your sensors but each flavor actually comes in an AT&T or Verizon version now the most common question we get here at alarm grid is oh well what if my phone plan is with Verizon or what if my phone plan is with a teensy the cellular communicator that's in the alarm system has nothing to do with who you guys are using fer your cellular phones or for as you said of your provider this is independent and it's for the alarm system only you will not be contacting Verizon you will not be contacting AT&T to let them know that you have a sim card in an alarm system that you want to get activated on a new line that SIM card is actually registered and activated by the alarm company that you guys decide to go with the panel has a unique IMEI number and when you guys sign up for the monitoring plan your company is usually gonna require that IMEI number to activate your system so what does this mean for you you don't have to worry about contacting AT&T or Verizon you have to make sure you're signing up for cellular base plans because the study of your fees from AT&T or Verizon actually get pretty much sent to the alarm company so whenever the alarm company enables or activates your alarm system they're actually taking on the set of your fees associated with that SIM card that's in your panel so that's why you're always gonna see as I was saying before that you have to make sure you have to sign up for the cellular plan so that the senator fees are covered normally your alarm company is going to tell you whether or not you are signing up for the correct plan if you have signed up for the incorrect plan with us we're obviously gonna let you know what plan to sign up for and what you need to upgrade to if you guys do have any questions about our cellular plans you can visit our monitoring page online alarmgrid comm if you have if you guys have any questions about the different level of plans that we offer you can send us an email to support at alarm curd comm if you guys found the video helpful please make sure you hit like underneath subscribe to the YouTube channel and hit the little bell icon so that that way whenever we upload new content you guys get notified I'm Jorge and I'll see you guys next time