Honeywell 5800 Key Fobs

Honeywell 5800 Key Fobs are used mostly with the LYNX Touch and VISTA Series Panels. But they can technically be used with nearly any 345 MHz system when used in standard security mode. This lets them work with the Lyric System and 2GIG System. Buy Honeywell 5800 Key Fobs from us.
Honeywell 5834-4 - Wireless 4 Button Security Key Fob for Honeywell Security Systems
Honeywell 5834-4
Wireless 4 Button Security Key Fob
List Price: $46.00
Our Price: $34.99
Honeywell 5834-4EN - Wireless Enhanced 4 Button Security Key Fob
Honeywell 5834-4EN
Wireless Enhanced 4 Button Security Key Fob
List Price: $126.00
Our Price: $89.99

A key fob is a wireless device that allows you to take quick actions on security system without having to be in front of a keypad or open up a mobile app on your phone. You simply reach into your pocket, pull out your key fob, press a button, and that's it. Many alarm systems are also equipped with Arm Confirm features that provide audible verification when you have Armed Away using your key fob.

The Honeywell 5800 Key Fobs operate at 345 MHz. This makes them compatible with the Resideo Systems (formerly Honeywell Systems and Ademco Systems), as well as the 2GIG Systems. In standard operation, the LED light on the fob will flash green. In this mode, the key fob can operate with nearly any 345 MHz alarm panel. These key fobs also offer what is known as high security mode. In high security mode, the fob will flash a red LED when activated.

You can only use a Honeywell 5800 Key Fob in high security mode with the Resideo LYNX Touch Systems and Resideo VISTA Series Panels. This is because these the only panels that can successfully communicate back to the fob and complete the bi-directional communication process. A Honeywell 5800 Key Fob in high security mode will use wireless encryption and require communication back from the panel. This prevents wireless hacking and takeover attempts.

Please note that you will need to add a compatible wireless receiver to use a 5800 Key Fob with a VISTA Panel. Additionally, a wireless transceiver like a 6160RF or a 5883H is needed if you want to use a Honeywell 5800 Fob with a VISTA System in high security mode. Remember, a standard wireless receiver can only perform the uni-directional communication needed for standard security mode. Only a wireless transceiver can perform bi-directional communication. A LYNX Touch panel already comes with a 345 MHz wireless transceiver built-in.

The flagship Honeywell 5800 Key Fob is arguably the Honeywell 5834-4. This four button key fob has been a mainstay for the LYNX Touch Systems for years. It is even compatible with the newer Lyric Controller when used in standard security mode. Although the key fob has four (4) buttons, it can actually perform up to eight (8) unique functions on a system. This is made possible through dual-button presses that can be uniquely programmed.

A great aspect of key fobs is that they are not restricted to just basic system functions. Most users will program their fobs for the usual tasks of Arming, Disarming and triggering panics. But they can then use the dual-button presses for smart home automation control. This is done by setting up corresponding rules and scenes. For example, a user might have key fob input designed to turn on their lights and activate their thermostat to start cooling their house when they return home.

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