Honeywell SiX Glass Break Detectors

Honeywell SiX Glass Break Detectors provide accurate and reliable glass break detection for Resideo Lyric Systems. These sensors respond to broken glass windows or protective glass casings. They utilize 128-bit AES encryption for added wireless security. Buy Honeywell SiX Glass Break Detectors here.
Honeywell SIXGB - Wireless Glass Break Detector
Honeywell SIXGB
Wireless Glass Break Detector
List Price: $98.00
Our Price: $72.99

Glass break detectors are frequently used with security systems in both homes and businesses. They aren't as common as door and window contacts and motion detecting sensors, but they can still make excellent additions to nearly any setup. These devices respond to the sound of breaking glass. The Honeywell SiX Glass Break Sensors will work with most types of glass, and they can be used in many applications. Most of these devices are used to monitor for broken glass windows. However, they may also be used to monitor protective glass casings that are used to display jewelry or guns in stores. Some users even use these devices to monitor artwork or trophy cases.

Achieving the proper sensitivity is an important consideration for any glass break sensor. The device should be sensitive enough to respond reliably to glass break events. But you don't want the device to be too sensitive. Otherwise, false alarms may occur. The SiX Glass Break Detectors from Honeywell Home and Resideo achieve this balance nicely. This is done by requiring the sensor to hear two unique sounds for an alarm to occur. The sensor must detect both the low-pitched "thud" of an object striking against the glass and the "high-pitched" shattering sound of the glass breaking. This dual-detection method prevents false alarms, while still ensuring accurate detection.

Proper placement is important for any glass break sensor. With the Honeywell SiXGB, you get a detection radius of 25 feet. The device can monitor multiple windows if the mounting location is selected carefully. Make sure the type of glass you are monitoring is compatible with the Resideo SiXGB. The device also includes two integrated LED lights for testing and enrolling the sensor. Ideally, you should have install the sensor with a direct line of sight to the window or protective glass casing. You should test the sensor after programming it to the Lyric Security Panel. The best way to test glass break sensors is with a glass break simulator like the Honeywell FG701.

The Honeywell SiX Glass Break Detectors operate at a wireless frequency of 2.4 GHz. These sensors are only compatible with the Honeywell Lyric Controller. However, Resideo will likely make these devices compatible with their upcoming ProSeries Alarm Panel. The SiXGB can be easily enrolled through special SiX Programming. All you need to do is active SiX Programming Mode on the Lyric and then power on the SiXGB by removing the battery tab or inserting fresh batteries. The sensor will then auto-enroll with the system. It will be assigned to the first available wireless system zone. You can adjust any programming settings if needed.

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