Honeywell SiX Smoke Detectors

​The Honeywell SiXSMOKE is an excellent life-safety device that is designed exclusively for use with the Honeywell Lyric Controller. A SiXSMOKE device features an impressive 300 foot range, and it can be interconnected with other SiXSMOKE sensors. Enhance your Lyric Controller using SiXSMOKE Sensors.
Honeywell SIXSMOKE Front - Wireless Smoke/Heat Detector for Lyric Controller
Honeywell SIXSMOKE
Wireless Smoke/Heat Detector for Lyric Controller
List Price: $100.00
Our Price: $65.99
Honeywell SiXCOMBO - Wireless Smoke, Heat and CO Detector
Honeywell SiXCOMBO
Wireless Smoke, Heat and CO Detector
List Price: $238.00
Our Price: $155.99

Honeywell SiXSMOKE Sensors are designed to work exclusively with the Honeywell Lyric Controller. The SiXSMOKE is one of the world’s first ever fully encrypted smoke detectors designed for consumer use. The device is protected by 128-bit AES encryption, that makes it almost impossible for hackers to take over. When the SiXSMOKE is activated, it will send a command to the system to perform the Response Type for that wireless zone. But in order for the command to go through successfully, the send must an appropriate response with an encryption key back to the sensor. This process is sometimes referred to as a “digital handshake”, and it makes it nearly impossible for others to compromise the SiXSMOKE device.

As a fire-safety device, the SiXSMOKE offers a plethora of great features and capabilities. It features a highly impressive 300 foot range away from the panel, allowing users to place the SiXSMOKE almost anywhere on their residence. The device offers both smoke detection and heat detection. For the smoke detector to function properly, the sensor should be kept clean and free of debris. Sometimes, a simple cleaning can significantly improve the sensor’s functionality. We recommend testing the SiXSMOKE on a regular basis to ensure proper function. Performing proper maintenance on any smoke detector is always a very important task for end users.

The heat sensor on the SiXSMOKE can detect a fire using one of two sensing methods. The first is the fixed heat sensor. This sensor will cause the device to activate upon sensing a temperature of 135°F or higher. The SiXSMOKE also offers rate of rise temperature detection. This will cause the SiXSMOKE device to activate if a temperature increase of 15°F or greater is detected within a single minute. By using these two heat detection methods together, the heat sensor on the SiXSMOKE Sensor is widely recognized as being one of the finest in the industry.

A great feature of the SiXSMOKE is the one-go, all-go feature. This feature allows a user to set up their SiXSMOKE devices so that when one activates, all of the other SiXSMOKE sensors that have been activated with the system will also activate as well. This is great for ensuring that everyone inside the building is alerted about a fire before it’s too late. The SiXSMOKE is one of the first ever fire-safety devices to provide a wireless alarm system this type of functionality.

When testing the SiXSMOKE, make sure to put the system on test mode so that no false alarms are caused with the central monitoring station. The SiXSMOKE includes its own test button so that this can be accomplished very easily. The device can also be put on test mode using the Lyric Controller. A user can then test the SiXSMOKE using canned smoke and a heated hair dryer. After completing the test, make sure to take the Lyric System off of test mode. This way, help can be sent out to the location in the event of a serious emergency.

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