Honeywell SiX Key Fobs

​The Honeywell SiX Key Fob offers a quick and convenient way to control the Honeywell Lyric Controller. The device can be programmed to perform up to eight different system commands. It also utilizes bi-directional encryption to prevent any hacks or takeovers. Buy a key fob for your Lyric Controller.
Honeywell SIXFOB - Key Fob for Lyric Controller
Honeywell SIXFOB
Key Fob for Lyric Controller
List Price: $36.00
Our Price: $23.99

The Honeywell SiXFob is designed exclusively for use with the Honeywell Lyric Controller. Unlike the Honeywell 5834-4, the Honeywell SiXFob cannot interface with any of the Lynx Touch Panels or the 2GIG Panels. But what separates the SiXFob is the fact that the device is fully protected by 128-bit AES encryption. This is accomplished by having the SiXFob utilize bi-directional communication. Any time that the SiXFob attempts to communicate with the panel, the Lyric Controller must send a secure response back to the SiX Key Fob in return. If this response is not received, then the initial command sent from the SiX Key Fob will not go through. This security process is commonly referred to as a "digital handshake", and it is arguably the best way to ensure that wireless devices are always kept protected.

On the SiX Key Fob, there are four distinct buttons for operating the Lyric Controller. By default, these buttons are used to disarm the system, arm away, arm stay and trigger a panic. However, these buttons can be programmed differently if desired. Each input will require its own unique zone on the system. There is a special programming menu within the Lyric Controller for setting up a key fob. Additionally, the SiX Key Fob can be programmed to perform four additional commands using dual-button presses. These inputs are made by pressing two buttons on the device at the same time. This allows for a total of eight different possible inputs to be used with the key fob. A single Lyric Controller supports up to 32 different key fob zones.

One thing that makes the SiXFob unique is that the device is learned-in with the panel using a 16-digit MAC address, rather than a standard serial number. The device can actually receive firmware updates right from the Lyric Controller, which is very convenient for the user. The encryption utilized by a SiXFob instructs the device to look for the specific response signals that are sent by that particular Lyric Controller. For that reason, each SiXFob can only be programmed with one single Lyric Controller. The device will not be compatible with a second Lyric Controller that the user also happens to own. However, the device is ideal for users who only need to operate one single Lyric Controller, due to its encrypted protection.

The SiXFob also includes various other features that make it an excellent device. For one, it offers a 300 foot RF range, helping to ensure that the device can be used from virtually anywhere on the user's property. The battery has a lifespan of three years, and the user can easily replace the internal coin battery when needed. The Lyric Controller and the SiXFob will both let the user know when the battery is low and in need of a replacement. This way, they can swap out the battery before it stops working. All of this makes the Honeywell SixFob a fantastic key fob accessory for easily operating their Honeywell Lyric controller wirelessly.

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