Lyric Security System Kits

Our Lyric Security System Kits include everything a new user needs to get started with a Honeywell Lyric Controller. Every kit includes a Lyric Controller System, security sensors and the Honeywell LT-Cable for simple installation. Some kits also include a cellular communicator. Buy a Lyric Kit now.
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If you are brand new to security systems, then a Lyric Security System Kit is the perfect way to get started. Each kit comes complete with a Lyric Controller, security sensors and a Honeywell LT-Cable. Many of our higher-end kits also provide a cellular communicator so that the alarm setup can immediately utilize dual-path communication. This is the fastest and most reliable type of communication available for an alarm system. In this type of setup, the Lyric Controller will use its built-in WIFI as its primary communication path. If WIFI is ever down for any reason, the panel will automatically switch to cellular communication. This will ensure that the user’s Lyric Controller will remain connected to the network at all times.

The centerpiece of a Lyric Security System Kit is the Honeywell Lyric Controller. This wireless all-in-one security panel includes all the bells and whistles one would expect out of a modern security system. It features a beautiful 7-inch touchscreen display, and it is fully compatible with any Honeywell 5800 Series Sensor and the encrypted SiX Series Sensors. It supports up to 128 wireless zones, and it can readily interface with up to 232 different Z-Wave devices. The panel is also compatible with Honeywell’s Total Connect 2.0 service. This interactive service allows users to arm and disarm their system, check the current status of their security sensors and control Z-Wave devices. With the Total Connect Mobile App, these actions can be performed from virtually anywhere in the world.

Every kit comes with one SiXPIR Motion Sensors and a certain number of SiXMINICT Door and Window Contacts. Our higher-end kits include a greater number of these contacts. Make sure that you check the kit before purchasing so that you choose the one with the appropriate number of door and window contacts for your home or business. All of these sensors are fully encrypted and designed exclusively for use with the Honeywell Lyric Controller. Remember, any glass breaks or life-safety sensors will still need to be purchased separately.

The number of security sensors included varies between different kits. Our higher-end kits include a greater number of sensors. This allows users to choose a kit that only includes the number of sensors that they will need. Each kit comes with a certain number of SiXMINICT Door and Window Contacts and one SiXPIR Motion Sensor. These sensors are fully encrypted, and they are designed exclusively for use with the Honeywell Lyric Controller.

Users can also choose to buy a kit that includes a cellular communicator to provide cellular communication for their Lyric. We offer separate kits for AT&T and Verizon communicators. Users should choose a kit with the communicator that provides the most reliable cellular service in their area. This has nothing to do with your regular cellular service. Please note that a monitoring plan that includes cellular connectivity will be needed to use the communicator. Finally, the Lyric Kits all conveniently include a Honeywell LT-Cable. This cable makes providing power to a Honeywell System much easier.

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