What Is the Best DIY Business or Home Security System?

The best DIY business or home security system depends on the needs of the end user. In most cases, a wireless security panel will provide the user with the easiest experience in terms of installation and programming. However, a hardwired panel may be used if multiple partitions are needed.

For homeowners and business owners who want a great DIY system, we generally recommend going with a wireless panel. These security panels are typically easier to install than hardwired systems. They are readily compatible with wireless sensors, which can be installed much easier than hardwired sensors. Additionally, wireless systems usually require fewer add-ons in the long run. If the user wants the absolute easiest wireless panel to work with, then the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 is difficult to beat.

The IQ Panel 2 is one of the few security panels that comes pre-included with a built-in cellular communicator. This will prevent the user from having to add a separate communicator on their own. It also comes WIFI-ready, and it can easily be connected to the internet as soon as it is out of the box. Powering up the IQ Panel 2 is also very easy for an end user. While the IQ Panel 2 can be mounted to a wall, it also comes with a desk mount to make the installation even easier. Qolsys also makes another desk mount that generally does an even better job of supporting the product. This desk mount can be purchased separately. The IQ Panel 2 has also been largely praised for its extremely easy to navigate menus.

An alternative wireless system to the IQ Panel 2 is the Honeywell Lyric Controller. Honeywell has been a big name in the security industry for many years, and their panels are known for being incredibly reliable. However, the panel will need to have a cellular communicator added separately if the user chooses to receive cellular monitoring. The Lyric can also be mounted to a wall in a fairly easy process. A major benefit of the Lyric Controller is that it can interface with Honeywell 5800 Series Sensors, giving the system a great number of sensor options.

For users who need a system with multiple partitions, a hardwired Honeywell VISTA Panel is typically the best option. A partition allows a user to easily arm certain sections of their security system, while still leaving other sections disarmed. This can be very useful for homes located on very large properties, as well as businesses that are stretched across multiple buildings. Hardwired VISTA panels that include multiple partitions include the VISTA-20P, the 21iP, the 128BPT and the 250BPT. The 128BPT and the 250BPT earn special recognition for being specifically designed for commercial applications.

Just because you've chosen a hardwired system doesn't mean that the installation and programming has to be difficult. The best thing to do is to add a wireless receiver to the system immediately. This is often in the form of a keypad, such as a 6160RF. A wireless receiver will wireless sensors to be used with a hardwired system. Wireless sensors are much easier to install than hardwired sensors. This is because wireless sensors will not require any wires to be run from the panel to the sensor. Running wires is often the most difficult process of setting up a security system, and it is a step often saved for professional electricians. By cutting out this step with wireless sensors, you can make the installation process much more DIY-friendly.

While there will be somewhat of a learning curve when using and programming a hardwired VISTA system, it really isn't that bad. If a user requires additional assistance, the Alarm Grid support team is happy to walk any monitored customer through the process either online or over the phone.

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