walynx-rchb-sc Batteries

The walynx-rchb-sc batteries represent the standard capacity batteries used with the Honeywell LYNX Touch Panels. The standard capacity battery for the panel will keep a system running for up to four (4) hours. The battery must be replaced after a few years of use. Buy walynx-rchb-sc batteries here.
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If you have a Honeywell LYNX Touch Security System, then you will need a backup battery to keep the system running in the event of an electrical outage. Normally, the system runs on AC power from a plug-in transformer. The backup battery feeds a small amount of power and stores it away so that it is ready for an electrical outage. Once the system loses AC power, it will automatically switch over to the battery backup. This will keep the system and and any accessories running. As long as the communication path is maintained, the system will remain monitored.

Only one backup battery pack should be used with a Honeywell LYNX Touch System at any given time. This might surprise some users, as the system actually has two (2) battery ports. There is a smaller port for a standard capacity (SC) or high capacity (HC) battery, plus a larger port for a super high capacity battery (SHA). While you could technically connect a super high capacity battery and either a standard capacity battery or a high capacity battery to the system at the same time, doing so is a very poor idea. The dual batteries will take up too much AC power and cause problems for the system. Additionally, you would be unable to properly close the panel. This would give the system a continuous tamper trouble.

The Honeywell LYNXRCHKIT-SC, which is also sometimes called walynx-rchb-sc Honeywell LYNX Touch Standard Capacity Battery, represents the lowest-level of backup battery available for the Honeywell LYNX Touch Security Systems. Like all the other backup battery options for the system, the device consists of a battery pack with a connecting wire and plug-in adapter that connects with a battery port on the panel. You don't need any special tools to install the battery pack. You might want a screwdriver to press in the tabs on the top of the panel when opening it up. But the battery pack can just plug into a port on the panel, no tools required. Then secure the battery, and close the panel.

As the lowest power option for the LYNX Touch, the LYNXRCHKIT-SC can keep the system powered for up to four (4) hours at a time. It is really only suitable for short-term power, and it will not keep the system powered for that long. If you need an option for keeping the system powered on for a longer period of time, you might consider getting a higher capacity battery. The LYNXRCHKIT-HC and the LYNXRCHKIT-SHA are both higher capacity options that will provide a longer backup time period. This can be very important for users whose homes experience frequent power outages.

As for the walynx-rchb-sc or LYNXRCHKIT-SC, the battery pack is a rechargeable device that consists of six (6) 1100mAh nickel-metal hydride AA batteries that are connected together in series. The battery pack is rated at 7.2VDC. The battery pack typically lasts for three (3) to five (5) years with regular use. After that, it will lose its ability to store a charge, and it will need to be replaced with a new battery pack.

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