How Often Should Alarm Panel Batteries be Replaced?

Alarm panel batteries should be replaced about every five years. However, this amount of time can vary between different types of batteries and how often the panel switches over to its backup battery power. The system should display a warning message when the backup battery is low.

Most backup batteries for alarm systems function in a very similar manner. These are rechargeable devices that feed on a small amount of power from the plug-in transformer. While the system is running on standard AC or DC power, the battery will be slowly storing reserve power for later. The system will continuously monitor the backup battery to make sure that it is always ready in case the power goes out.

When the transformer is unplugged, or if the electricity goes out, the system will automatically switch over to its backup battery in order to stay running. A backup battery will usually be able to keep an alarm system running for about 24 hours. However, this length of time will vary between different backup batteries and types of alarm systems. Certain high-capacity batteries will be able to keep the system running even longer.

Once the battery has reached a low-level of power, a low-battery trouble will be displayed on the system. This lets the user know that the system will likely shut off if transformer power is not restored soon. After the electricity comes back on, the backup battery will once again begin reserving power for future use.

But batteries do not have an infinite life-span. Over time, the backup battery will be able to hold less and less of a charge. If a system has not had to switch over to backup power in awhile, yet a low-battery warning is still being displayed, then it is likely that the battery is near the end of its life-span. The battery should be replaced as soon as possible when this occurs. This will typically occur after about five years. Make sure to use a compatible replacement battery for the alarm panel being used.

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