2GIG FT6-345

Wireless Flood and Temperature Detector


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The 2GIG FT6-345 Wireless Flood and Temperature Detector is a versatile device that monitors for leaks and unusual temperature changes. No probe is required for flood detection, making it very easy to set up and use. It is powered using a CR123A battery. Buy the 2GIG FT6-345 here.
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The 2GIG FT6-345 represents one of the best flood and high/low temperature detectors on the market today. It operates at 345 MHz, and it will work with any GC2, GC3 or Honeywell Lyric System. One of the best aspects the flood sensor operates without a probe, making it super easy to set up.

As a wireless sensor, the 2GIG FT6-345 operates using three different Loop Numbers. Loop 1 is for freeze detection, Loop 2 is for high temp detection, and Loop 3 is for water detection. Loop 4 is not used with the sensor. In order to perform all three functions, the sensor must be enrolled with the system three times in three separate zones. Each zone will have its own settings and Loop Number.

For flood detection, the 2GIG FT6-345 should be placed in a location where it is most likely to detect water in the event of a leak. Some good spots include underneath the sink, near water heaters, around toilets and by bathtubs or showers. The sensor has metal contacts on its top and bottom. Both sets of contacts can alert the sensor to a leak. Once the contact is exposed to water, the sensor will activate.

The freeze detector for the 2GIG FT6-345 activates upon sensing a temperature of 41 degrees Fahrenheit or lower for three continuous minutes. This is great for alerting a security system before the pipes in the building begin to freeze. The sensor will clear once a temperature of higher than 41 degrees is detected for three straight minutes.

The heat sensor in the 2GIG FT6-345 operates very similarly to the freeze sensor. But in this case, the sensor will activate upon sensing a temperature of 95 degrees or higher for three straight minutes. The fault will clear once the temperature falls below 95 degrees for three continuous minutes. This can be very useful for places like wine cellars that require the temperature to remain low.

The 2GIG FT6-345 includes the detector, a piece of double-sided foam tape for mounting, and a lithium CR123A battery for power. The sensor has an average battery life of five years. At that point, the battery can be easily replaced by the end user.

Note: A Honeywell Lyric System might require a firmware update to support the sensor.


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Awesome :)
Thanks. I was able to have the panel learn the sensor by pouring water over the contacts.
Hi Dennis, Pulling the battery before would not cause the sensor not to enroll. This is something your monitoring company can look into and possibly program it for you. If monitored with us please email us at support@alarmgrid.com.
I pulled the battery tab before I was ready to pair and now I can't get my panel to learn the sensor. I put water on it, put it in the fridge, entered the number manually, nothing works. Any suggestions?
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