Using 2GIG Sensors With a Lyric System

Using 2GIG Sensors With a Lyric System

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hey di wires I'm George from alarm grid here and today we're gonna be working with the lyric system and 2gig sensors so a lot of people have the question if 2gig sensors are compatible with the lyric system the answer to that is yes however your lyric system does need to be on at least firmware version mr3 right right now the current available firmware version for the lyric at this moment is mr7 so if you bought a new lyric the system is more likely on the latest firmware update but again you can always easily check that in the system settings so basically just to touch base on this right so Honeywell sensors transmit out a 345 megahertz frequency and so do the 2gig sensors so one would automatically assume that hey since they both use the same frequency 345 megahertz why won't the 2gig sensors work on any Honeywell systems that also have a wireless receiver for instance the l7000 the l7000 is a system that also works with 345 megahertz honeywell frequency sensors the thing is the 2gig sensors up to this point used to only work with the 2gig gc3 which are these two panels behind me right here now the reason for that it's not that these sensors that the 2gig sensors are encrypted it's just that they didn't have the open communication format that the Honeywell sensors have so they were a little more difficult for the Honeywell systems the 2gig sensors they made it harder for the panel to communicate to them which is why they weren't compatible but if you have if you now have a lyric system and you're are not least former version mr3 then you can actually use two big sensors and I'm actually going to demonstrate that today so two of the most common sensors that we have we actually have these in our kits are the 2gig vs sensors these are the ones that come in most of our kits and then we also sell separately the 5800 mini sensors which we actually have a little label on this one so we don't get confused why because they look exactly the same they're actually manufactured by versa these are versa 2 gig sensors these are well 5,800 minis and I'm gonna go ahead and open them up for you just so you guys can see the inside and you guys can see the difference but they're exactly the same they both have the two lights at the top the blue light to indicate whenever the magnets in contact with the reed switch and then the green light to show you whenever the sensors transmitting a signal alright so I'm just gonna open up both of these sensors for you and you're gonna see that they're pretty much the same except the inside of the sensors are different colors you're gonna see that the Honeywell one has a red circuit board and you're gonna see that the 2gig one has a yellow circuit board give me just one moment and again it's not anything you have to zoom in to anything you can actually pretty much tell the color right away as soon as you open the sensor it's a pretty big difference maybe just one second this one's pretty hard to open right here easiest way to open these sensors get a small little flathead stick it in the little cracks that are on the edge of the sensor and then just twist it and it should just pop right open all right so you'll see that the Honeywell one has a red background it also has the sticker in the middle with the serial number so and then you'll see that the 2gig one the 2gig one has a yellow circuit board yeah and again it also has a sticker with a serial number on it so the only difference is the color of the circuit board but they're both made exactly the same alright so now that we've actually taken a look at the inside of the sensors again both of these will work with the lyric as long as you're on a good firmware version which is aren't mr3 that's the minimum one that you need to be on so let me go ahead and put the covers back on here now because I'm gonna show you guys that they actually learn in alright the covers just snap on and and again this goes for any 2gig sensor it's not just these sensors if you guys have motions if you guys have glass breaks smoke detectors any 2gig sensor will work with the honeywell lyric one thing that don't that will not work with the lyric are the 2gig keypads right so you can't get a two keypad and learn that into the lyric system right now we're only referring to sensors all right so only the security sensors doors windows glass breaks smoke seals will work with the lyric system I'm gonna show you guys now that these both are exactly the same kind of sensor and they both program in the same way right so you go to I'm just gonna do this real quick you go to tools you enter in the installer code mine is defaulted at four one one two yours could be different if your company has changed it I go to program zones add new I'm gonna hit serial number I'm gonna get a magnet and I'm gonna go ahead and auto learn my sensor in by tripping it three three times so you heard the first beep second beep and the third beat now one thing I want you guys to notice is it's always best to do the auto learn feature why because these sensors if this is your first time installing them it can get a little confusing as the Honeywell ones used loop one the 2gig ones use loop two but again this is just for this sensor specifically it can change depending on if you use emotions etc right so you won't always want to use the auto learn feature as that's kind of program it incorrectly for you so mindset to loop 1 front door I'll just hit save I hit another add new serial number and now I'm gonna learn in my 2gig vs. sensor so again I trip it three times the first beep the second beep and the third beat there you go so as you saw since I did the auto learn feature I don't have to worry about changing the loop number it's already programmed exactly how I want it to be so now I hit save I'm just gonna go ahead and back out I got to back out to the home screen now and if I fault either of these doors it's gonna suck chime the same way the 5800 mini front door this one learned in as a back door this is the 2gig versa [Music] so again that just shows you guys right there that the 2gig sensors do work with the honeywell lyric system which right now this lyric system is on firmware version mr7 but in order for 2gig sensors to work with the system the minimum firmware version has to be mr3 all right now if you guys don't have the correct firmware version on your lyric alarm system you just have to ask your alarm company they should be able to push it down from the AlarmNet servers if you guys are not monitored by a company there is no way to get this firmware update except by getting activated by an alarm company we do have no contract plans if that's something you guys ever need us to do for you you just have to sign up have us push down the the firmware update and that's pretty much it we will be pushing down the latest firmware so whatever is out at the moment is what you will get and if you guys do have any questions on how to do that again just email us at support at alarm code comm if you guys found the video helpful make sure you hit like on the beneath subscribe to the YouTube channel and enable the notifications so whenever we upload new content you guys do get notified I'm Jorge and I'll see you guys next time